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Oct 9, 2019

Jesus Christ please more people need to read this!

I started reading this because the artist and writer also wrote Fort of Apocalypse, a manga I really love, so i gave it a try and thank god I did! 

The story is really dark and interesting. Rape, torture, lots of ways to die. (I sound like a friggin sadist XD) I was so surprised by the whole breeding and collecting people to feed aliens thing but it pulled me in so quick right from the first chapter.

Now my favorite part without a doubt is the art. Jesus Christ. I have such a love for this art that I can't even read some horror manga because the gore isn't gross enough for me :P. I could have read this with just the art alone but I'm thankful it had a story so I didn't look like a complete weirdo.

Okay so I gave characters an eight because the main characters (the people we follow through the middle of the manga but mostly) aren't very interesting. We had the straight man, the crazy old guy and the fat one who dosen't really say much because of stuff that happens in the first three chapter - 3 - I'm not saying I hated them or anything but the more interesting characters leave in the middle to do something else and I wish we followed them instead or at least followed both groups. 

But anyway I really enjoyed this manga. I've been trying to get anyone I know who can stomach it to read it XD. That is a downside of horror and gore because not everyone can handle it. I had a friend who gave up after a chapter because he couldn't handle the gore but I don't care about drawings of gore, it's the real stuff I can't stand XD

But anyway PLEASE give it a chance! 

I'd cry ;3;

10/10 story
10/10 art
8/10 characters
10/10 overall

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laurlaur159 Nov 2, 2019

Oh my gosh I so agree with this. The number of ways to die is just so intriguing, and the art is amazing.