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Hiya o3o

(I saw someone else do it so I'll try it! :P)

If I had to pick an anime character I look the most like it would be Tarou Maria from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

It's a little too accurate. It's scaring me XD

But other than that I look like this here's some random info about me! I'm 20 years old as of August and am currently an animation major but I also dabble in scriptwriting. I like to draw, read, watch anime and play sims 4 in my spare time :P

My fav anime genres are shounen, comedy, and mystery

My fav manga genres are horror, psychological and thriller (I'm sorry but gore art is so amazing XD)

I have seven cats that I am allergic to and I'm naturally awkward and terrible at spelling (if that last one wasn't obvious XD)

Anyway I've been on here for a while but it was really just to keep track of what I was watching and that's still the main thing but I do want to freak out about things I love with others so I want to get more involved :3

I don't really have a favorite anime. There are too many to love ;3; 

NOTE: My 5 fav anime from Winter 2020 will go here laters after I watch some XD A3 will probs be here cause I've been playing the game for the past 32 days :P

I've been trying to rate more anime lately so here's my score system! :3c


0.) Absolute garbage! It takes a lot of hatred for me to rate this friggin low. - 3 -

0.5) Meh. Maybe there's ONE thing I liked but other than that it needs to get out of my sight! >:(

1.) Bad. Just bad. 0-0

2.) Semi-painful to watch, mediocre or boring. ~.~

2.5) It's okay. I survived watching it but it's still not good. It alright. :/

3.) Something good! Whether it be the characters, the plot, etc. I enjoyed it but I'll probs never mention it. :P

3.5) Very good! Once again I enjoyed it just a little more than a 3.

4.) Friggin great! Something memorable. :)

4.5) Fantastic butttt there's a little annoyance that stops me from giving it a perfect score. =3

5.) AMAZINGGG! 10/10 PLS! This is the kind of anime that I loved, I cried, I laughed with and that I love everything about! X3c


Note : Sorry if I give a lot of 5 ratings! There's a lot of anime that I seriously love for lots of different reasons~ ^_^

It's so much easier for me to find shows that I love rather than hate XD

But anyway here's my fav manga's both by the same amazing creators! o3o

(Denjin N will probs be added to this list once I find the english translations :P)

I also have a fav webtoon :3c



P.S.- Welcome and thank you to everyone who follows me! :>

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