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Note that this is my first 'serious' review, so if it's bad, whoops!

Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of those all time classics. With 20 years old, this anime is still one of the most famous anime of all time. So since it's such a classic, I decided to watch it. And I've never been more forked up by an anime in my life. And I've seen some stuff *Cough* Tenkuu Danzai Skelter Heaven and Mars of Destruction *Cough*

I liked the story. Ultra Depresso kid gets a purpose in life. (Aaannddd got more depressed :l) Pilots a giant robot and gets beaten up. And in the last two episodes: congratulations, depression cured. That was Evangelion in a nutshell. Even though I'm not a mecha fan, the story was nice.

Everyones personalities were in some way the same. It was like the director said: 'YOU HAVE DEPRESSION, AND YOU HAVE DEPRESSION, EVERYONE HAS DEPRESSION!!! LET'S ALL HAVE DEPRESSION(TOGETHER)!!!!' and I get that he was depressed and that this has some kind of deeper meaning, but I just want to watch an anime where at least ONE person doesn't have depression. First, the only depressed character was Shinji, I could handle that negativity level. Then in a few episodes, everyone was revealed to have had depression all this time, and I believe it is Shinji his negativity's fault for triggering it.

I honestly can't say anything about this since I've seen 2 different types. The not so very licenced one on google *insert lenny face, because I'm sneaky*, which I watched before it came on Netflix, and the Netflix quality, let me tell you the difference.

Not licenced one:
The quality was trash, but not, 'I can't see anything' trash. Just bad... But I at least got to hear 'Fly me to the Moon' before Netflix decided to delete it from the face of the earth.

When I watched this, I literally felt my eyes go 'omg, so this is what quality is. My gosh, this... Quality... What is this blessing that came upon us(my eyes)? What did we do to deserve this?' yeah, that's how bad the non licenced was.

Voice acting:
There is no possible excuse for this, but I watched the dub(for some reason). And thought it was absolutely hilarious. So moments of pain and agony sounded not serious and really dumb. Even I could scream better(But don't trust me on that). The only thing that was better in the dub than in the sub, was Shinji's rant. I strongly believe I watched all that funny voice acting just for that one moment, so don't tell me otherwise.

This show annoyed me to death, BUT I CAN'T STOP WATCHING IT! I don't know if I hate or like this show. I just can't stop watching the movies, even if I hate watching them, I just can't stop myself!
So my conclusion is that Evangelion and me have some kind of hate-love relationship.
And if you'll excuse me, I'm going to watch another reïncarnation of Evangelion.

8/10 story
?/10 animation
10/10 sound
3/10 characters
7/10 overall
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