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About me as a person- Things I love other than anime: fantasy, reading, writing, video games, and I play the bass clarinet. :)

 Claymore is the first anime series I ever really watched. And thank goodness for that. I was quite fortunate that Claymore was the one to welcome me to the anime world because it was so amazing. With demons, sword fighting, and a bad A female warior Claymore definately has alot of my favorite qualities in a story. Not to mention that it was magnificently well done.  


Blood+is one of my all-time favorite animes for sooooo many reasons. I loved every minute! The storyline is spectacular and the chacator build with Saya was well done. The entire series was intense and exciting.

One of the things I that really made me love Blood+ was Hagi and how he treated Saya. He was so sweet and even though he was Saya's servent ,it was obvious he would do anything for her because he cared about her more than anything.

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Hetalia: One of my favorite comedies simply because of all of the hilarious stereotypes.

This song cracks me up every time I hear it.

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I love America, probally since I'm American, but also because he's hilarious.


Russia is also a great character. He can be creepy and sadistic but still come off as adorable. I think that is an impressive acomplishment.

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ItsumoHitori Aug 24, 2014

Hiya! hope you've been well lately!

TheAngelofDeath Feb 7, 2013

Glad to see you got back on Anime planet, I imagine school's been tough. Keep up the hard work and hopefully we can continue our fansinating converstations again.

ItsumoHitori Dec 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!

TheAngelofDeath Aug 4, 2012

Oh Hai! Yes... I know slow response things have been piling up for me and getting back to work only makes it more irritating as I struggle to keep the 5-8 hours to myself from the despicable aspects of "non-fun related and tedious tasks in the world" things that happen to me on a daily basis. My urges to write more and more in my book grow ever so much every day to the point where I want to head straight from work to the libery and work on my book there. Sadly though, I work in manual labor (yeah lifting heavy stuff by hand all day, tough guy job, etc.) so by the end of the day I've sweated so much that my skin feels sticky to the touch. No way I could write in a public libery smelling so bad and feeling so dirty. Poor William and Elanna have been stuck in the scene where they are flying in the air above a warehouse about to go into an epic battle. Yet they are stuck there in the air until I can start writing again, and to top it off Elanna has Acrophobia. (Fear of great heights). I kinda feel guilty for leaving her hanging like that I shall continue writing once more tomorrow! Ah speaking of writing I would love to get together again and share more adventures between the characters in our two books once again. I could almost see a mini spin off series from either one of our books once they get publish and we (hopefully) become famous. We could invent a new trend between Authors, I call it... "DoubleCharacterAndStoryCombinations" In other words... The D-CASC Writing Style. Well... Wow... That was an interesting thing that I just created off the top of my head out of no where and why am I still typing when I have got nothing more to sa.... (alter personality awakens and forms behind the one sitting at the computer)

"Its my turn now!"


*gets pushed out of the chair in front of laptop by other personality*

My apologies ma'am, it would appear as though my counterpart has been troubling you as of late. Do not fear though, I have the situation under control now. Continuing this comment I would now like to proceed to what I now call the "Comment Question of the Day" for both your question and the one that I will soon as you. If I had to be any inanimate object with an existing task, I would be a teacup. An elegant and yet beautiful piece of artwork that symbolizes the creativity of human intovation and technological advancement from the stages of barbaric tribes to the civilized society that we exist in today. As such I would also like to express my appriciation for...

*The one sitting in front of the computer is grabbed by the other personality and judo thrown across the room to the opposide wall out of his chair. Other personality sits in chair and starts typing*

A teacup!? seriously?! pfft! I can't even imagine leading such a boring life of an object whose sole purpose is to let strange people drink whatever liquid happens to be poured in its empty top. If I had to choose I would be a hammer! Then I could lead a life of hitting things over and over to create big stuff for people! Yes thats right, I would build big stuff and get to go to lots of places at the same time. Yep thats definately the best. Well I think thats all the time we have for [email protected]!#

*man at computer gets slapped in the back of the head by other person by the hilt of a sword and his head slams down into the keyboard making the above response*

"Bro! That hurt!"

"And did you think your throw earlier didn't??"

"pfft no way."

"Whatever, we can settle this later. Can we just go ahead and ask our question to her before we get caught up in something else?"

"Oh yeah that would be a good idea."

*Both sit down at the computer and begin typing together*

Sorry to keep you waiting, so now for our Comment Question of the day. What kind of alternate personality(s) do you have? Leave your interesting or creative response(s) in the comment section below on our profile. This has been TheAngelofDeath, and we approve this message!

"Pfft, I hope your other personality isn't as tight laced and rule following as this boring guy next to me."

"I would be more worried if her personality was as wild and crazy as you are. Not that anyone could best you in that aspect of crazy."

"Oh, why thanks. Oh wait... HEY!"

TheAngelofDeath Jul 26, 2012

--- 3 days later ---

*wakes up and falls out of bed*

Huh? What? Ah no... I started procrastinating comment messages for Anime Planet! NOOOOO! *makes a sad face*

Ahh I havn't been on Anime Planet in a while (A while meaning a few days and doing absolutely nothing if I did get on). I have no idea what happened or why I didn't respond to you... *looks around the room for suspious figures* I just hope that no one is messing with my mind right now. I've been working very late this week doing inventory. (literally to like midnight each night, not an exaggeration!) So when I get home first thing I do is take a shower and then go to bed. I completely forget about replying to your comment every night! I apologize for the trouble that my inconsideration may have caused for you along the way. Don't worry you haven't done anything wrong, just a long week thats all. Things will go back to normal next week when we finally finish all of this inventory nonsense.

Also sense its been so long since I've last been on I didn't notice that you had actually deleted my former comment, as such its hard for me to remember what I said to you before so I'm kinda lost on how to properly reply to your comment so I will just say this...

I no longer fight my inner demons, we are on the same side now. :)


Oh, What? Too soon? For a demon pun???

Pie huh? I think pumpkin pie is my favorite, that or cherry pie! Both give my taste buds the time of their lives each time that I eat them, yum...

As for my question, hehe I got a fun one. Assume that your an evil villian and your revealing yourself to the hero. What would you call yourself? (Yes I mean an Evil Villian name, and no you can't use your real name!)

I look forward to hearing your interesting and creative response(s) to my question soon! Sorry for the late response, and don't worry you didn't say anything bad to me! Hope to hear from you soon!