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MentallyOff Jul 1, 2020

But more importantly, who is that guy in your profile pic like he can get it 

MentallyOff Jul 1, 2020

Yes!!! Akatsuki no yona is one of my favorites!! I've read the manga two times and I'm  waiting for more updates. Like honestly Akatsuki no yona is just sooooo good and have shocking events plus Hak is a husband material!!!  

I hope they will a second season for it because it deserve😖😖

MentallyOff Jul 1, 2020

PS: I like that you're home is Taehyung's heart. That's smooth👀

MentallyOff Jul 1, 2020

Yeah! I realized that we have a lot in common. Thanks for following me back.

3 years ago. My bias was Taehyung, but now I don't even have one because they are too awesome that I can't choose one!! Like even yeontan became one of my favorites!! So in conclusion: BTS is my bias, I guess?

MentallyOff Jul 1, 2020

Manga,Anime, BTS and Akmu fan? I LIKE YOU!!