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Halex Jul 8, 2020

Hi, yes I did. I think is fairly good, especially for the action, I"m not sure where the plot is going or if it's going somewhere. I added my comments in this 2017 list, which is still a work in progress but almost done.

I'm the opposite, I have tried to read manga, but doesn't engage me the same as anime. I'll try again when I'm out of options for anime.

Halex Jul 7, 2020

Hi, thanks for following, I follow you back.

Yes, I myself have found lots of music that I really like thanks to animes.

Halex Jul 7, 2020

Hi, thanks for your comment.

If you finish watching the Fate/Series and are looking for something similar then you can try:

The Garden of Sinners - Watching Guide

"As one of Kinoko Nasu's earliest works, it introduces some of the most fundamental concepts in the universe of Type-Moon's works, including souls, the Akashic Record/Root, Counter Force, Magic, Magecraft, and Mystic Eyes.

Kara no Kyōkai is set in an alternate universe to Tsukihime and Fate/Stay Night; in which it serves as the prototype for both series as well as introducing many of the concepts prevalent within the latter two." -Wikipedia

Tsukihime is average at best, so I cannot recommend it.

The Garden of Sinners:

Also known as "Kara no Kyōkai" this movie series has excellent animation & an intriguing supernatural story with something meaningful to say. Make sure you watch to the end of each movie.

MentallyOff Jul 2, 2020

I'm from Morocco. Let's do our best 👍 the both of us!

MentallyOff Jul 1, 2020

Akatsuki no yona has the best boys!!! Like I bawled hearing their past stories or when they talk about dying young :( . I want to protect them, they are BABIES.

And we are literally the same taste, like boys with glasses? They are my tyyyype. (btw I don't know about the girl in my profile pic I just found it in google)

Oh btw where are you from?? Because I'm busy too with studies since I have final exams approaching.