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LamiaNymph Feb 8, 2021

Thank you so much for the lovely compliments!
And yes, Titus is one of my absolute favorite characters in anime. I'm glad to see someone else that likes him as well! 
Thank you so much for following me back by the way. That is very kind of you.

Hyakkimaru Dec 17, 2020

Hello there! Sorry for taking a while to respond.

I'm glad you liked my profile ^^ it takes a while to organise it so I appreciate the compliments :) 

Yep, my U/N is indeed from Dororo! Really loved that show. What did you think of it? 

I see in your bio you like shounen ai! What's your favourite series of the genre?

P.S. Happy holidays! <3 

Curiousmadra Dec 16, 2020

You're so lucky to be finishing in April a month before me when I OFFICALLY get out of Uni (sorry I should've referred that on my last message but tiredness made me forget about it) . Yeah it's such a curse having to play the waiting game throughout Christmas, I'm like just come at me bro, I'm getting old and crooked from studying already so I honestly feel ur pain haha! Aw cheers hope u get good marks ! 💓

Yes I'm a truly cultured person by bumping into spicy Yaoi stuff xD . it's amazing how the yaoi genre has expanded so much into other genres. Lezhin do a mighty job at it! Definitely read it when ur in the mood xD 

gosh you're giving me nostalgia with hand in hand when I read it in April 2019 Like omg mannnnnnn xD I think ur referring to The Prince of Proctology? That was sure a waste of time for me like it was sooooooo boring and yet I still don't understand to this day why I read 9 chapters of it like wtf????!!!!! 

Bloom into you Strawberry Panic are one of the most beautiful shoujo ai animes so far for me personally.  It so damn annoying that it's rare to find decent Yuri in the anime world like seriously! I'm not really much of a fan of Aoi Hana, I'm more fan of girls who are polar opposite s than ones who are only just both "cutesy" school girls " if you know what I mean?

btw don't worry about your English like it's fine honestly . As a fluent  English speaker myself , I too have challenges in making sense to some ppl so you're grand xD

Curiousmadra Dec 15, 2020

Yeah online uni has definitely impacted my reading so much because the amount of time wasted on assignments regardless of group/individually and studying for exams is a pain in the arse. I do still write reviews but they are more vague than detailed as my battery is low throughout the day. I'm nearly finished until my exam in January tho woop woop. When r u finishing up?  :)

I wouldn't mind the fetishes as much as long as they are decent sh1t like Bodysuit Fetish. It's literally *chefs kiss* but that's if you're into that next level xD 

Yup I did try to read 52 chapters of that GL you mentioned but I felt it was boring by having too many chapters and that the story was dragging on. I don't deny its cute but Bloom into you is still my no1 school girl love series, I'm waiting for someone to beat that already xD

Oh don't worry, as a English fluent speaker people at times don't understand wtf I'm saying at times so I relate xD

Curiousmadra Dec 5, 2020

Haha don't worry I know who you are! :D 

I know the "Yaoi" is meant to be forceful but you know there are wholesome ones that are just so effing rare like Yuri! It's like a gold mine to find the perfect one to read tbh, that's why I might see me dropping more xD

Sure fire ahead with Painter of the night like it's your call to read it! :)