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a random fella who loves asian culture, especially animes, mangas/manhwas/manhuas/webtoons, food, music, games and has a lot of interest in male seiyuus. i admire their works, they are incredible af.


genres i love the most is yaoi, shounen-ai, shounen and seinen.

now i'm into isekai romance webtoons and i'm reading a lot of korean comics nowadays.

i'm a huge fanboy of sports anime/manga. my favourite anime from this category is Major.

my #1 anime is Natsume Yuujinchou, i love animes about youkai and self development.

i finally took a step and now i'm watching the fate series, it's a series of animes i had been stalling for too long and now i just finished the stay/night. i will save my thoughts and say it when i finish all the series.


sashimi and shrimp lover for sure. i love italian and japanese dishes!


now i'm fanboying over aimer's voice to the point i created a playlist with a lot of her songs. 

i'm often listening Fate and SNK OSTs for now. i never stop to listening anime music haha.

any songs composed by Sawano Hiroyuki or Yuki Kajiura are often on my playlist as well.

i also like vocaloid and used to hear it a lot in old times (when i was 10-13 years old xD) and i still like them!

outside that, i like to listen to instrumental music, like piano or violin. i don't know too much about international songs and i don't usually listen to trends songs at all, so if you talk to me about that i will be confused af lol


about male seiyuus

well, it is a hobby for me to guess which seiyuu is dubbing which character. this weird hobby developed bc of my admiration for them, that started to grow each time they made me feel a lot of emotions.

Maeno Tomoaki has me head over heels for him, but i love Yuki Kaji's softness too. he dubbed a lot of my husbandos, which makes me even more proud. i also admire Park Romi, who gave voice to my favourite chibi from all the time and one of my first hubbies in the 2D world: Edward Elric. she also dub Temari from Naruto, my favourite kunoichi from this anime. she is incredible!

about this random fella

stupid af || college student || food lover || sweetooth || loves animals || gamer || hikkikomori || loves ikemen || can't resist cuteness overflowing

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StellaL0K1 Jul 24, 2021

I feel the same. The anime was never completed and hence it didn't reveal much about Judal's personality but I was satisfied with the Manga. Also the story about his and Sinbad's past in Sinbad no bouken was great. I loved it😍😍

LamiaNymph Mar 1, 2021

Well whatever you are dealing with, I wish you well!
I mainly have been working my job and doing chores around the farm, stuff like that (Yes I do in fact live on a farm).

But I also have been doing some online stuff with helping out special needs students at the school I used to attend. 
Like helping them out with their scocial skills and some homework, and stuff like that.

LamiaNymph Feb 26, 2021

No problem!
I have been fine for the most part, so that's good. 
I'm glad that you are also excited for the 2nd season of Dragon Maid being confirmed.

So how have you been? Anything exiting going on in your life?

LamiaNymph Feb 9, 2021

I absolutely love them all! They are all so much fun to watch, and I love the interactions they all have together. Especially Kobayashi and Tohru.

And yes it is confirmed that a second season is coming sometime this year!

Right now they have it set for Summer, but that can possibly change due to the events going on in the world right now.

Here is the profile on AP.

Im very excited to see how they handle this adaptation!

LamiaNymph Feb 9, 2021

Yeah, I definitely agree with you! I think they did such a great job creating all of these wonderful characters. And Alibaba is a nice choice for a favorite. He is pretty great!

And Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid is actually my personal favorite anime, with Magi being a really close second.

Elma is my favorite from MKDM , she is absolutely adorable.