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School Days

Jun 10, 2019

um. i. so like...

uh. i have no words what so ever... the ending is... shocking...

i guess i'll just spoil... this anime is... just...


Okay so the story is.. uh.. a guy likes a girl, cheats on her with the person trying to get them together, doesn't tell the girl, keeps cheating on her, girl catches him but let's it go because she's mentally insane and in love with the guy, guy starts to ignore girl instead of breaking up with her, guy cheats on girl that he cheated on first girl with, guy cheats on everyone pretty much, girl that was trying to get the OG girl and guy together pretends she's pregnant so guy will stay with her forever, guy goes back to og girl after all the girls start ignoring him and hate him, guy and og girl makeout in front of fake-preg girl at guy's house after guy says he doesn't like her anymore, fake-preg girl runs out of house, og girl leaves guy's house after sleeping with him (they are still together), fake-preg girl gruesomly murders guy in his house after texting him "sorry...farewell" with a knife shown in earlier episodes, og girl finds guy dead, cuts off his head, og girl tells fake-preg girl to come to the roof of the school, og girl point to a gym bag containing guy's head, fake-preg girl looks into it, og girl stabs fake-preg girl; slicing her stomach open to reveal no baby there, og girl runs away on a boat with guy's head.

the end.


i liked the first episode or 2, but then he started cheating, i started hating it, uh then the ending is... probably one of the, if not most gruesome romance anime ending of all time... it's messed up.

the only character I liked was the OG girl because nothing that happened in the anime was her fault, and she didn't deserve any of it...

if you want shock factor, then watch it. I read reviews but was not expecting a real shock factor... do not watch if you want a simple highschool romance anime. Check my other reviews for good highschool animes that have... romance.

2/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
2/10 characters
2/10 overall
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