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Production value: check. Pretty much a miss otherwise. I have seen half the Garden of Sinners or Kara no Kyokai saga, and this was the worst yet. All the KNK movies are a lot of mystery, symbolism, and philosophy, but that doesn't automatically make it intelligent. Tsuukaku-zanryuu, movie 3, is an example of that. It relies on mature content that appeals to your senses of pity, shock, a little bit of fear. The superpower beat down that ends this installment of KNK feels out of place, like forced fan service. Which is a shame because the mc's powers are manifested more clearly than previous movies, and put on display. The characters were uncompelling; the development of the characters was really just pathos, via anime cliche mixed with dark themes. Don't bother looking for a real theme or message, because you will probably just get lost in this movie's facade; by facade I mean a barrage of symbolism and artistic pseudo intellectualism. 

The KNK series is not the most well thought out or best executed series out there. It is enjoyable, for stylistic beauty (thanks to ufotable's infinite budget), entertaining philosophical meanderings (sometimes if you don't take it too seriously), and originality. But Movie 3 of Garden of Sinners is a grab at your emotions with little substance to leave you with. By all means, watch the KNK series (I will continue to do so even after this movie), but this episode falls short. 

3/10 story
10/10 animation
8/10 sound
4/10 characters
5/10 overall
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