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Anime That Do NOT Pass The Bechdel Test/Reverse Bechdel Test

The Bechdel Test is supposed to show whether something is sexist or not based on three factors. I’m not a big fan of this test myself, so I’ve written this list to show how unreliable and outdated it is. Therefore, if you see...

Anime With Canon LGBT Characters (excluding BL/GL)

+ the very questionable anime at the bottom

Chubby BL Protagonists

i swear i dont have a fat fetish

Major Character Death In Anime

my criteria is that the characters listed must have been present in more than 1 episode. also the ones with “(kinda)” next to their names must have been presumably dead until the season ends, or their “death” has a great...


Specifically, anime which deal with an imposter or traitor within the main cast of characters. You, as the audience, can try to figure out who it is.