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They went so deep they got lost in the dark.

So. I didnt like the series too much(not a mecha/whimpy character fan), but it was OK, not counting the disgrace of an ending it had. I had a lot of second thoughts(and third and forth and so on) about watching the replacement ending. 

To my surprize it actually starts out decent, a lot of action, strong pictures, darkness. Some scenes are among the most poweful ones in existence. And now the sad, confusing part:

But nothing makes sense. Its just a random slideshow of pictures so artistic that I now need a few shots of Jagermeister to clear the bullshit out of my head. 

And thats all that is to it. The whole ending is just an incoherent mess of a slideshow and any explanation is just guessing. They wanted to make it memorable. They did. You see, two types of endings are memorable: the really good ones(FMAB, Code Geass) and the really bad ones(Berserk...). If the second part of the movie actually gave us an explanation and they went for something simpler instead of the grandiose chaos we got, it would have been good. They actually got my hopes up after the first 45 minutes. But instead they went on an acid trip. The second part of to movie is on par with the horrible last episodes of the series. 

I know that Evangelion is considered general culture when it comes to anime, but excluding the talent they had to orchestrate separate scenes from it, the whole thing is a mess. And the ending is painful. We basically get a sad-ish ending, but who the hell knows. 

General culture or not, I urge people to stay away from the Evangelion series. Even if you like the mecha genre. The psychology is overextended(overrated) and boring, the story is a mess and the ending is just a waste of time. 

Dont watch it. You have been warned!

1/10 story
7/10 animation
6.5/10 sound
2/10 characters
3.5/10 overall

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CharacterPhilosopher Nov 25, 2020

This review is painfully subjective. I don't know how many times I have had to say that a movie or tv show isn't bad just becuase it doesn't do what you want it to. The ending does make sense as a thematic antithesis to excessive escapism. It doesn't need to satisfy your expectations for it. The movie does everything that it intends to do well. To discredit the film because it doesn't do what you want it to do is bias. Dismissing the cerebral core of the narrative as "overrated" is bias. Don't review an anime based on your own opinions. Review an anime on how effectively and creatively it achieves its goals. With this review, you might has well of given a poor review to a seafood restaurant exclusively on the basis that you don't like fish. Don't say their cooking is bad because you don't like fish. Just state up front that you don't like fish, and don't use that as a basis to advise others on whether or not to eat their cooking. Because other people might like fish but turn away from the restaurant because you said it was bad. There are so many people who review this anime from a bias perspective THAT I HAVE NOW BEEN DRIVEN TO USING A COMPARISON OF A PERSON THAT HATES SEAFOOD REVIEWING A SEAFOOD RESTUARANT! THAT IS HOW RIDICULOUS SOME OF THE REVIEWS ON THIS PLATFORM ARE. THEY ARE SO RIDICULOUS THAT THEY MAKE ME TALK ABOUT FISH, AND I DON'T LIKE FISH! BUT I CAN STILL RESPECT A SEAFOOD CULINARY EXPERIENCE EVEN IF I CAN'T ENJOY ONE. This person is not wrong for disliking the anime. Because it is okay to not like fish. But this review lacks respect for half of the work that is put into this film because it is effort put toward something that this person just doesn't like. Some peole like to watch a thematically driven narrative like Evangelion. This review does a disservice to people who have not seen Evangelion but are capable of enjoying the kind of experience it offers. It does that by subjectively turning viewers away.