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This review will be for the whole of the series, not just R2. 

Let me start with, usually if you have an anime in a more or less realistic place with just a small amount of supernatural, they turn out really good, because the main hero/villain isnt simply just overpowered, but also has to use his brain. 

Code Geass got me hooked with 1 episode. Right from the start it was obvious that Lelouch will be the most memorable anime character along with Yagami Light. 

Story: the base concept is just great. It has atmosphere, its dark, its a bit grotesque sometimes( we have a more or less idillic school with a main hero who is burning with thoughts of revenge and is also a gentle soul who cares a lot about his sister, talk about complex). The story is not too linear. Usually we start with amateur hero, who wins one hard battle after the other and conquers everyone in the end. Here, they win some, they lose some. There are some flaws of course. The story starts out great and the ending is THE BEST ENDING THAT EXISTS TO ANY ANIME!!!!, but in the middle it gets a bit repetitive even though the plot is really well thought out. 9.5/10

Aniamtion: this is probably the weak point of the series. The animation is more or less a good fit to the atmosphere, but I simply dont like this animation style too much. It doesnt look bad with all the sharp edges and big boobs, doesnt look basd at all, but it could be better. 8/10

The music does its job, ads to the atmosphere, but I watched the series a long time ago, so I dont really remember how memorable it was or not, so i wont give it a score. 

Characters: the secondary characters are nothing special, Suzaku is my most hated character from any anime, and I would love to burn him alive with my own hands if I could. The others do their job, they are good, but nothing special. And of course we have one character who overhsadows everyone even more than in Death Note: Lelouch. He is the most compelx and best built character who I have ever seen. Hes smart, hes vindictive, hes an evil genius, he devises incredible plans, but sometimes makes big mistakes, he is kind to his sister, but murders people without a single thought. Who the hell cares about the others: 10/10

Overall: The Code Geass series is not perfect, it has its flaws, even with this, it would be easily in my top 10, but let me say something about the ending. Usually in an anime, everything builds up really slowly to an inevitable ending, which usually is a happy one, and we can more or less guess what will happen. To be honest, when I watch something, when I get to the last few episodes, there are usually 3-4 different possible scenarios in my head that could work and if the writers dont make up some incredibly stupid shit for the end, one of my scenarios do happen. For example: Death Note, its one of the best, but SPOILER it was pretty easily predictable that the fall of the main character will be because of the fact that he actually trusted others with something that was only meant for his genius mind. Code Geass however made up an ending that was probably impossible to guess(even if you guessed what happened to Lelouch in the end, there is no chance in hell you guessed why). It was shocking and it was the smartest and the best fit for the whole series they could come up with. Overall 9/10, but 1 bonus for the ending. 10/10

A little advice: if you liked Death Note you will like this. Yes, we have some battles with robots and such, but those are not important at all. CG is nothing similar to Mecha animes, Death Note is by far the best fit! Oh yeah, and a nother thing: Lelouch is a genius, but hes not superhuman, the plots he hatches are logical and not impossible to follow. For example the now pretty hyped No Game No Life series: the mai character is simply superhuman and his plot, even though explained are just impossible, and they dont make the main character smart by him truly being really smart, they make him smart by making you look like an idiot. Here, Leloch is human. He can make mistakes and he will. Sometimes hes only lucky and he knows it. 

Have fun!

9.5/10 story
8/10 animation
?/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall

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