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Kuroko's Basketball

Jun 11, 2012

Kuroko's Basketball focuses on a school that only formed one year prior to when the story takes place. While the team didn't do well, they regarded their first year a personal victory as they weren't expected to do much at all. 

The story follows this team as they recruit an American basketball prodigy with loads of potential, and Kurok the "sixth man" of the "miracle of generations", a squad considered to be the most talented basketball team assembled ever. Kuroko's real talent is less about making himself a good player, and more about using his talents to increase the play of the players around him, this makes him a perfect fit on an ambitious squad that wants to work well as a team. 

Story - 9 - The idea of Kuroko playing against the five super stars he was once on a team with and trying to beat them using tenacity and teamwork rather than superstardom and raw talent is quite interesting. It makes the series a real underdog story, and a treat to watch. The story moves at an extremely fast pace, which is really necasarry for a sports themed anime. The show also has some very funny and well timed comedic moments, which not only are entertaining, but draw you closer to the characters within the anime. The one knock on the story line is it follows the same formula many sports animes do.

Sound - 10 - Music selection and sound effects are perfect for the anime, they are unique almost every episode, so the music doesnt lose its ability to hype up the viewer or add to the anime. The sneakers squeaking on the court, pitter patter of running, and ringing sensation after a dunk are all present and executed as one would expect. 

Animation - 10 - The Animation is very interesting to look at, and it adds a lot to the anime as a whole, its very bright and elaborate. The lines and designs of the characters help illustrate their personality and at times the anime feels like its popping out of the screen. This may be the most visualy please anime i have ever seen. Every little detail is accounted for, and used correctly. I.e. a player with tremendous speed gets low to the floor and as he accelerates quickly his jersey puffs out a bit off his back. ankles turning and twisting as they would for a real life basketball player, nets swishing, its all accounted for and executed flawlessly. 

Characters - 8 - The characters are all well done, especially considering how many well thought out character designs there are. Though, as with most sports animes the character creativity is limited because of how focused the subject at hand is. Somehow, the series really does make the characters its own though, and they are all very interesting and have several dimensions to them beyond just what they can do on the basketball court.

The struggles the players are forced to deal with as a team and individually really adds a ton of depth to the series and its very fun to watch all of them progress, even through the short 18 episode series we are currently left with. The pace of this anime is so fast and it really keeps you engrossed and interested each and every episode. 

9/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
8/10 characters
9/10 overall

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Shioshitsuji May 4, 2013

Personally, I think the series was missing something. It just had a generic feeling to it as I watched each episode, sorry but I can't agree with that high a rating. 

But thanks for the review:)