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Sep 14, 2020

*There's probably spoilers here* Alright I'm not one to write reviews, but this was my first anime show ever. I used to think anime was just a bunch of colorful lolis, semi-intelligent MCs, and fanservice. But holy crap did this anime change that view for me. I encountered this during a google search for mystery TV SHOWS and somehow ended up with this. Ratings were high, it was dubbed (yes I used to prefer dub, but now idc), and only 12 episodes, so I gave it a go.

Right off the bat I was thrown into some matrix type intro with a seemingly depressed narrator. And whaddya know, I met the infamous Truck-kun at the same time. So yeah, basically Satoru (MC) shows his power (Revival) and explains his backstory. Typical, nothing too special. Fast forward and we get into some deep stuff, like bruh. My man gets framed for the death of his mom, has a mental breakdown, and gets thrown like 20 years in the past (Revival on steroids).

What's interesting from here is that the art makes everything appear gloomy and looking back at it now, those English voice acting performances were A+ (I don't give a crap what you diehard sub fans say). Like I had no idea the creators were thinking of making a kid solve the case. So anyway, man gets a grip and realizes what happened, gets used to his friends, and notices Kayo. Alright, so Kayo was apparently murdered (like 2 days in the future?) by some guy MC is familiar with (Yuuki). As sketchy as this man seems, he's actually got a good heart. This is where my memory gets hazy.

Pretty much (to avoid as much spoiling as possible), Satoru realizes he has a chance to rescue this girl. Attempt #1 results in him trying to befriend her, but boy does he fail. Mission FAILED, but he gets a second chance. So now he knows where he messed up and pulls the right moves though it was tough. Actually befirends his friends and gets Kayo to socialize a bit. But wooo does this get dark. Apparently, Ms.Kayo here has had some ahem.... abuse. Like traumatizing, emotion-numbing, heart-breaking type abuse. I did not see that coming and neither did MC. MC realizes he's dealing with some gritty stuff, but he's got the mind of a 29 year-old so eh.

Satoru does things that I wish I could say I did at grade school. Basically gets his friends in on what's going on, gives Kayo the childhood that was taken away from her, and "kidnaps" her from her abusive guardians. Everything's hunky-dory until we get yet another bombshell dropped. While my man has done pretty much all he can as a kid, he gets his teacher. Literally the guy that was like a father figure (keep in mind, MC was raised by mom) kidnaps MC and reveals this. The slow, sadistic way he does this is something I cannot explain. The reaction on the kid's face though was something I still can't erase from my mind.

So this teacher knows something's up because how can this kid be ruining some master-class murder setup not one, but several times. So like any other murderer, mr.teacher traps MC in a car and um... disposes him. Turns out, MC made it out with a coma. I won't spoil the ending cause this is starting to sound like a synopsis, but I have to say the music, character development, and emotions here really touched me in a way that real-life TV SHOWS couldn't accomplish. 

When I say this anime is outstanding, it's an understatement. The OP and ED, plot, and characters (some of which I excluded here) are just wonderful. Overall, I am proud to say this was my first ever real anime series.

10/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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