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My rating system for anime (modified from my MAL page):
5 - Absolutely amazing. Will definitely end up on my favorite anime list.
4.5 - Awesome. Depending on the series, will likely end up on my favorite anime list.
4 - Pretty good. Leaves me satisfied.
3.5 - Good. Would recommend, but it depends.
3 - Okay. Could use some improvements.
2.5 - Average. Had a bit of enjoyment here and there.
2 - Mediocre. Very little enjoyment.
1.5 - Bad. Probably wouldn't recommend.
1 - Pretty bad. Left me bored or unsatisfied.
0.5 - Awful. No redeeming qualities whatsoever.

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ShioHanashi May 24, 2022

Hi! I forgot all about it. Thank you for clarifying, and I'm sorry I misunderstood! To be more specific, I think it is fine to criticize or express distaste toward a mentally ill person, but it should never be because of their mental illness. So, if you hate someone with a disorder, it should not be because of their disorder; it should be because of their conscious choices. For example, cheating on someone is a conscious choice. It is understandable to hate people that cheat on their partner, even if they have a mental illness, because their mental illness is not the cause. They can help whether they cheat. Does that make sense?

That aside, the original commenter was misinformed. Most of the ordeal they were talking about never happened to begin with.