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SecretOtaku May 25, 2020

Not just Dangaronpa, but I forget a majority of japanese names unless its a unique one, i talk about them alot or I really like/hate them.

Saika K seems really interesting and funny from what I know, maybe I will never get around to it but I would love to watch it soon.  I prefer kirishima with his hair down but he doesn't look bad with his hair up either (same for Noya from Haikyuu)

I also have a long list of anime's and manga's to read/watch on notes and I normally seem to find a way to watch animes that are not on the list even though I always plan.  I am reading aloot of mangas, and stalled alot that I really do want to pick up again but never seem to find the right time to.  I have downloaded "Uravel for 1 hour" and played it on repeat, it is an amazing song and gives me a burst of energy randomly. 

Apart from Unravel and born to make history, I also really love Anohana's end song and Terror of Resonace has a very unique yet amazing song for its OP.  Promsed neverland's once is pretty good and memorable as well.  More that I love: Free! S1 OP (especially the part where rin and haru collide during the rap), Soul Eater S1 OP, Your Name (the song playing when the two MC's talk about how annoying the other is and how they adjust to their new circumstances) and Tokyo Ghoul;re song was good as well.  Though i have yet to watch the anime, the start of guilty crown's OP was nice.  What about you?

Thats suprising to hear Ranpo is referred to as best boy, dont get me wrong I absoulutely loove him and he is one of the best characters.  But most often say the Dazai is best boy.  Of course, {my husbando} - Chuuya Nakahara - is also well liked and is more likely to be called best waifu than best husbando lol.  I do hope you watch and enjoy Bungo Stray Dogs, as I love it so much. 

Fun fact: most of the characters are named after real life people.  For example, one of my waifu's Lucy Maud Montgomery is named after the author of Anne of Green Gables.  The orginal real life owners of the names all have intersting and some tragic backstories.  UnOrdinary may start off what seems to be cliche, but trust me, it gets a bit more darker than you may expect.  

I have not watched Black Clover but it is another anime on my "animes to watch" list but never getting around to it.  

I understand why both characters are in your likes categories since you are basing it off as how well written and complex the characters are.  i must say, the whole Killing Stalking Manga was very very well executed and portrayed the characters and why they do their actions creatively and effectively.  I mean, yeah, minus all the toxic stuff (90% of their relationship) they can be actually relatively okay.  Not to sound insensitive but Sangwoo;s finest moment was killing bum's uncle.  -3-

I believed they did change animators as you can see a bit of feature changes, especially asushi.  They art of Haikyuu was orginally, from season one, quite weird to me.  Perhaps its the eyes or the shape of the faces, of course naturally I warmed up to the art but there is a notable difference compared so most other animes, in my view anyway.  Yes, I looove Victor with his adorable russian accent on english dub ( that sort of sounds like the guy, groo?, from "despicable me" ngl ). Yuri is my favourite character tho.  I don't suspect you will enjoy Inazuma eleven since it is aimed for a youger age range as i did watch it when I was younger, looking back the art was simple, characters were short and logic was all over the place at times.  No regrets though and I still do love it.

The mafia AU: - I watched the comic dubbed, but the actual link to the orginal comic is provided in the dec.

I also really love Yurio bc who doesnt?

SecretOtaku May 22, 2020

Oh lol, thats actually relatable for me as well.  

Tbh, even though I have watched it and should know the names, it always takes me a while to find the correct one and it just honestly confuses me between the video game, manga and anime.  I am pretty sure the art is so unique during the execution since it perhaps uses the original game play videos, though it is just a guess and since I haven't played the game yet, there is a high chance I am incorrect.  

Sounds interesting, I am mixed feelings about the wacky "stupid" kind of comedy but it all depends on my mood and what I did/read/watch prior to watching it.  Kirishima is so fcking perfect, he is adorable, he is manly, he is one of the best.  He looks so nice with his hair down as well, which hairstyle do you prefer on him (hair up / hair down ) ?

Though I do cherish Tokyo Ghoul for the unique plot and overall amazing watch, it does contain lots of plot holes and I heard it misses some important information.  Season one (Tokyo Ghoul) and two (Tokyo Ghoul /A) were quite good and badass, though sometimes a bit confusing.  Season 3 (otherwise known as Tokyo Ghoul;re) was actually quite bad compared to the other two seasons before, the plot was fast paced and rushed at times (when touka and kaneki met) but still manages to be all over the place and quite boring overall.  The ending of ;re was very nice though, but I was very confused when I started watching and how all these characters pop up that were not introduced at all.  

Unravel was by far the most coolest, iconic and just plain amazing masterpiece of music and OP.  It is my favourite japenese/anime song tbh, the best OP (imo) is actually Born to make history from Yuri on Ice since the music is really nice from there as well.  But if I were to judge solely based from the audio/song and not graphics or anything, Unravel is way ahead of Born to make history.  Before watching tokyo Ghoul, I had heard many saying the OP was literally the best, upon watching it before watching the actual anime, I found it quite overrated and didn't understand the hype though i of course found the music okay and art nice.  But for some reason, watching the anime increased how I viewed it by x100 and I quickly fell inlove with it.  

Bungo Stray Dogs is by favourite anime so naturally I will praise it.  I didn't think I would like that since before that comedy/action were never especially for me.  When I finally decided to watch it, I instantly loved it, suprising myself as well.  Such a cool anime, the animation is just magnificent.  All the characters are quite OP but somehow it didn't become a mess and was a great watch to say the least.  UnOrdinary is definetly reccommended from me, some people are starting to dislike it due to some events in recent chapters but I personally think it was a complex and understandable change and still continue to praise this comic.  Just keep in mind that it may be a little dark (not thaat much tho).

Both Bum's Uncle and Sangwoo were scumbags putting it lightly.  Sangwoo had a sh1t past thanks to his mother (who I also strongly hate) but unfortuantely it cannot justify anything he does, though we can empathise with him a little, of course I did feel horible for him but it was his choice in the end.  I also dislike Bum, but although he became a stalker, that is nothing compared to Sangwoo even though Bum's past was much worse.  But yeah, the bringing up of the two main leads did have a notable impact on who they chose to be today.  I am glad that you are one of the people who don't take a liking to this character and don't ship Bum x Sangwoo.  I mean, I don't actually understand the people who do - it is a victim x abuser ship- Anyways, I agree entirely with what you said.

My sister used to watch it alot.  I instantly disliked it due to the, well, unneeded nudity, ecchi and basically porn.  It is, to be frank, food porn.  I am sure there is a good plot but wowow, there is ALOT of nudity.  Naturally a majority of my opinons would be from mangas/comics as you can see for my watched anime to read mangas ratio but i am trying to watch more anime and eventually I will somehow make my anime watch over 100, my plan is to just binge watch 12ep series as I can probably fiinish them in a week.  The problem is a random isekai manga pops up and I read a bunch of those instead of watching anime.  OH WELL.

I am actually quite schocked I managed to finish the free franchise (not including the one that will hopefully come out in 2020) since there is actually alot of anime in that.  Haikyuu is the best sports anime imo, currently waiting for a new season (not including one or two OVA).  Yuri on Ice was another amazing watch, there was subtle yet heart warming BL moments which made the anime really nice, I love the cast and the beautiful ice skating they do.  I have always wanted to start Kuroko no basket since it is quite popular.  I have also watched a football/soccer anime called Inazuma Eleven, they added these special powers and moves, pretty sure they were all in middle school. At one point there was an alien arc where the presidents seem to think it was okay for a couple of middle schooler to play against aliens in football though it would be dangerous for them and the entire world but plot armour, right?  Then again, its targetted to a pretty young audience so idk why im complaining as i still do truly love it.  ^^

Ah, I wasn't meaning to write this much - whoops - here is a GIF to relax (?) your eyes lol

I am proud to say that I have watched more than 10 Victor x Yuri moments videos AND a mafia AU.

Okay - - - - - - Have a good day/night and stay safe!

SecretOtaku May 20, 2020

Tsundere is the best imo.  I change my profile frequently than others since it always seems messy and not quite right for me but I am trying to resist doing so since I make it worse.

All the execition scenes in Danganronpa were amazingly animated and beautiful.  Its more of the second anime arc than a season i guess but I refer to it that way because why not.  The anime has three arcs/seasons.  The first one is at the hope peak's academy where the play the mafia like game, the second is at a company or something that is fighting against despair and it is more of a killing game than mafia and the last one is how the despair apocolypse started.  The second seaon is called Danganronpa 3: The end of Hope's peak academy - future arc.  

I have never heard of the name you mentioned "Souda" or something but I googled it and his character design is pretty cool with his pink hair and all.  I also agree with most of the ships.

The distastorous life of Saika K (probably wrote is wrong) is one of the apparently funny animes that I want to watch.  I also love Kirishima, he is adorable and for some reason the fandom has made him obssessed with red crocs so thats something.  Soul is one of my first anime crushes since Soul eater was my first proper anime.  he was so cool and I shipped him with Maka alot.   Bokuto is such a diva and i love him for that.  I agree with what you said about Bakugou.  Unfortunately, I am unfamiliar with the characters you dislike.

Lots of people say the anime for Tokyo Ghoul is a disappointment compared to the manga, I haven't read the manga yet but I did really love the anime, whats your thoughts on that?  

My favourites characters right now are:

Chuuya Nakahara - Bungo Stray Dogs

Ranpo - Bungo Stray Dogs

Akugawata - Bungo Stray Dogs

Lüxia - Cheating men must die

Oikawa - Haikyuu

Arlo - UnOrdinary

Least Favourites

Sangwoo and Bum's Uncle - Killing Stalking

Eto - Tokyo Ghoul

Ikumi - Food Wars

Jina Song - Bloody Sweet

Mineta - BNHA

Ryouta - Danganronpa

Favourite mangas would have to be

Girl from Random Chatting

Eleceed , Days of Hana

Cheating Men must Die

The second coming of Glutttony.

And my favourite anime is Bungo Stray Dogs

This comment's layout is strange now-

Alsoo, what sports anime have you watched?

SecretOtaku May 18, 2020

The art style is very unique, at first i disliked it but it grew on me with all the good looking characters and all.  

I am a sucker for tsundere's nowadays so of course I naturally love this character.  The plot is creative, it started off as the random daily life sort of story but evolved into a much more interesting story with backstory, complexity and depth.  Not to mention, it is absoulute comedy gold.  

I am honoured to be the first person lol, I am sure you will meet more people in the future as well.  Thank you for the compliment regarding my profile, I just added a bunch of random facts, words and images/gif to make it as cool as i can i guess.  

I haven't played any games either but have watched the second seasons.  Nagita seems pretty cool as he was pretty cute as a lucky airhead during the third season.  Kyoka is 100% best girl with her amazing detective skills afterall.  Unfortunately, who the ultimate gambler is has completely slipped my mind, perhaps you are talking about the black haired girl with red eyes in the maid like constume?  I also really disliked the swimmer girl in the first season, I warmed up to her in later season though but she just got on my nerves alot during the first one.  My favourite character for only the first season would be Togami - he is so smart, i love his aloof attitude as well.  Overall, Kyosuke Munakata - he seems cool af and willing sacrafice the few for the many, the ending was sad thoo.  I am not sure if I exactly liked her, but I liked the idea of Ruruka's character and found her choices really interesting. 

Ship wise - I shipped Nagi's sister with the yandere glasses girl, Nagi x Kyoka but also Nagi x Swimmer Girl. 

Whats your least favourite and favourite character in all anime? Whats your favourite anime and manga?

Don't worry, you didn't write that much and I don't mind if you want to write long paragraphs either  

Random thing but my favouriet scene in Danganronpa was Leon's death - Idk, it was just so eye catching and fun to watch

SecretOtaku May 18, 2020

Thank you for replying and, don't worry, you replied in the correct place 

I am very grateful for the link, thank you again.

Mo guan shan is 100% tsundere, a violent and cussing one tho.  The swear word he loves to use so much is actually my username in some PVP games as "鸡巴毛", so far only two people have called me out for that.

19 days is one of the best shounen ai mangas and amazing comedy.  I had put it off but then my friends forced me to read it and thank god they did.  

I would love to chat about anime/manga anytime so reply if you wanna talk whenever you feel like it.  

I see you have watched Danganronpa, who were your favourite characters??  Did you have any ships?