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Bios take time. Time that I can be using to watch more anime :P

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sushisushisushi May 19, 2018

hello :D thanks for following me back ^ ^ and i also strongly think a bio is to much work haha ill tell people about me through the comments cause i just cant bother ^w^

Image result for anime gif hello

VlN Nov 20, 2016

AAAAHHHH! I haven't been on here for almost a month DX

I'm doing cool...but I'm really sick (45 min of sleep for the past 4 nights...)

How are you??

And thanks, yeah I reached 100 a while ago (I just didn't make a big deal about it either because I didn't care at the time or I didn't notice XD)

I've got a crap load of homework recently -.-


45 minutes of sleep in ONLY FOUR NIGHTS? O; Well I hope you get better, or hopefully feeling better by now. Make sure you cuddle up in blankets and stay warm (and watch lots of anime while doing so) ;3

I'm okay, thanks for asking. I only have to go to school 2 days and then I get off for Thanksgiving break. ;D

Eew homework. ;-; Luckily I haven't had too much recently because we are doing a ton of projects at school, so we haven't been working out of books. Hope your load starts to get smaller. :p 

VlN Oct 28, 2016

Hey, you can put down the new acheivement of 200 followers (don't lnow when it happened, BUT IT HAPPENED) XD


I did, haha. xD

Also, don't know when you reached 100 followers but congrats on that. :D

How've you been?

VlN Sep 18, 2016

Ohayo gozaimasu!

Sorry I didn't reply right away -.-

You have a really long intro XD So you're in 8th grade? That's cool, that's when I first heard of anime :) I'm now in 12th grade (senior), but I still feel like an 8th grader so you're my bro ;u;

I'm doing awesome, barely have any homework and I'm at home so that makes for a good day........OH GOD. BLOODY NOSE, nevermind about being awesome -n- but still ok. I just realized how often I put little faces in my sentences.......SO MANY

How You doing? Oh! You can call me Natsuki or Natsu for short XD almost forgot that...

I'm not on here all that often, just when I've been watching an anime recently. but I'll try to respond asap as well!

Ja na!!

Hi, Natsu [Dragneel] c: (lolll my puns are gr8, man)

First of all, thanks for following me, I'm following you back. xx

Not a problem, man. Don't worry about it. c:

Nice. o: I was really young when I first heard of anime, but I thought it was for little kids. When I actually started watching anime was Summer 2014, so I was 11. Feels like such a long time ago. o_o

Ah, lucky you. I haven't had too much homework, but it's piling up now. ;-;

Oh, damn. Well I hope that bloody nose went over okay. xD

Don't worry, I probably put way too many faces, too, lmao.

BloodyRain Sep 17, 2016

Hello! How are you? :3