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There are three couples, though they aren't all given equal time in the spotlight. Much more time is given to telling Hanada and Chouno's story, with there even being a prequel series (Chou to Kumo no Su) covering Chouno's traumatic backstory for how fe got feir stomach tattoo. The subs in each of these couples gets aggro'd and forced to tears. Crying and gagging and blushing and drooling and winching and presumably being overcome by pure pleasure. I found it interesting that the majority of the blowjobs we witness have the person being blown asking for it to stop. Most of the more intense stuff occurs between Hanada, a massive masochist, and Chouno. Anal beads are used, both in the expected way and jammed up the urethra. There's choking and punching and public humiliation play. Analingus, facials, dry orgasms. There's a scene where an ashtray is balanced in the crook of the sub's back, creating a risk of the ash falling and burning fem. It does emphasize that Hanada wants to be hurt and that most of it is consensual, but it still crosses the line several times.

The handjob in the beginning is rape. The fingering and ass-fucking that immediately follows could be argued to be consensual on some level, since Hanada either directly asked for it or affirmed that fe wanted it with a head nod. But the handjob was rape. And even the sex in that scene and in several other scenes turns from consensual to nonconsensual once Hanada starts asking for it to stop and Chouno ignores feir pleas. Chouno also says shitty things like "don't complain later," implying that fe doesn't intend to be conscientious of when Hanada might want fem to stop. And Chouno justifies pushing through Hanada clearing saying "Stop" and "No" because fe sees Hanada as liking "being made to do terrible things" (which is true to a certain extent, but still doesn't justify ignoring such clear removal of consent).

I would rate the stories about Hanada and Chouno (ch. 1, 2, 5, 6 plus some extra chapters) as being 3/10. I would rate Haru and Kudou's single chapter (ch. 3) as a 1/10, and I would also rate Suzu and Shin's story (ch. 4, 5) as being 1/10.

2/10 story
3/10 art
1/10 characters
2/10 overall
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