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Jolyne, Gucci de Tobu

Sep 29, 2021

First of all, it should be said, that yellow-green unicorn was gorgeous. Almost made me forgive the lack of coherent flow between those full-page spreads and the remainder of the panels. Almost made me forgive the devolution into artsiness, leaving us with no clear conclusion to the events in the airport.

The artist is skilled, for sure, though fe has a tendency to have feir characters pose in unnatural ways, with their necks jutting out or their limbs contorted.

The synopsis greatly overstates what is occurring within these pages. By no means should this be considered a "fantastic adventure" nor is it fair to say that Jolyne is the one trying to unravel any sort of mystery (if anything, fe's tries to impede the government official from unraveling the mystery). This is a relatively boring security check at an airport, only made slightly more interesting by the fact that a unicorn and a magical power are involved (though they're honestly not involved in very interesting ways...).

2/10 story
9/10 art
1/10 characters
2/10 overall
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