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The basic premise of each storyline has been exactly the same, and it can be explained like this:

There are three tiers of "players": newbie, expert, and god-level.
The newbies flounder and panic and have little to no idea what they're doing.
The experts, confident, rush to complete certain tried and true strategies.
While Jinhyuk, the sole god-level, ignores that "expert" strategy
and instead enacts a counterintuitive strategy that no one else knows about.

It can be satisfying to see Jinhyuk looking down on all the supposed experts as they do things which fe has long since discovered to be pointless. The three storylines so far, the three areas where Jinhyuk's out-there strategies are shown off, are the Mangrove Tree (ch. 2-4), the Museum (ch. 5-8), and the 1st Floor Labyrinth (ch. 9-present). Fe's definitely overpowered and has things work out in a way that appears easy, though it's palatable because we know it's only easy this time around because fe's spent eleven years previously grinding and struggling to fine-tune how to do things. I do find feir fusion ability to be somewhat of a ridiculously convenient ability, but I also look forward to see what type of combinations will come about. I appreciate the little mini quests which Jinhyuk must complete before gaining a new skill--it helps add some tension and acts as a built-in excuse for tangential material.

Other than Jinhyuk, none of the characters have had much time to shine. Each storyline has gotten a new cast of supporting characters, so I haven't been able to build bonds with any of them. The art is very nice. Clean and pleasing.

[Reviewed at chapter 12]

8/10 story
9/10 art
7/10 characters
8/10 overall

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