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Ultra Gash Inferno

Sep 8, 2021

Let me start by talking about the chapters that I most liked, which are chapters 1, 6, and 8. What these chapters have in common is that they have a clear narrative structure with solid endings and with very little trippy weirdness. Obviously, they are still filled with grotesque gore and offputting sex acts, but those aspects seemed to fit well within the plotlines (and they are also to be expected from this genre). Chapter six was somewhat nonsensical in some of its transitions, but its superb ending made me smile (and nearly laugh). Chapter eight likewise had a very humorous ending.

I think the biggest problem with the other chapters is that their storylines are a lot weaker (other than, I guess, chapter nine). They rely on the gross-out effect and don't even bother to make sense half the time. Like, the chronology of chapters two and three are wonky. There's some psychedelic stuff in chapters three, four, and nine. And there's just sudden, random fucking in chapters five and seven. There are some recurring ideas and motifs throughout the chapters. There's a reference to the "cosmic gash" in one chapter and to "the sun's cock" in another chapter. We see streams of laughter emanating out of people's mouths multiple times. Eye-licking shows up in three stories (ch. 1, 4, 5). And male characters with a single eye, often wearing an eyepatch, show up in the majority of the stories. There are also multiple instances of people eating gross things (like shit or tapeworms) or licking wounds. Weird things are placed in vaginas.

As a whole, this series achieves its goal of having repulsive moments that will probably etch themselves permanently into my mind. It does have more mediocre and bad chapters than good ones, but even the bad chapters have some value in that they fulfill a vibespace. And the good chapters are impressively solid additions to the guro genre, so I think a 6/10 is fair. You'll notice that I've marked the Story, Art, and Characters as all less than that though, and that's because a large part of the value of this series doesn't come from the Story, Art, or Characters per se.

5/10 story
4/10 art
2/10 characters
6/10 overall
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