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maj! I was intending to just read a single chapter or two of this lut before sitting down to play Breath of the Wild, but I ended up getting so riveted that I spent the next few hours reading it. The premise of the story isn't horribly unique, but it executes it well. Florentia goes back in time to feir naH jajmey, to when fe was was seven years old. During feir first lifetime (not counting the time before feir transmigration from Earth), fe was relegated to the sidelines within the Lombardi family because of feir mother's commoner status. Fe had to watch as the qoH who was placed in charge led the family to financial and social ruin and eventually death. Truly, Hegh neH chav qoH. Now, with a second chance, fe has a few goals. First, fe wants to save feir father from the early death fe suffered (which had been caused by rop). Second, fe wants to impress feir vavnl' so that fe will make fem the next matriarch of the family instead of feir uncle. Third, fe wants to get on good terms with the second prince of the wo', since fe's the one who becomes the next emperor. Because Florentia recognizes that brute strength isn't the most important asset in a fight, fe uses feir wiles to undermine feir opponents and strengthen femself. Fe surrounds femself with talented people and subtly leads them to achieve great results. Feir vavnl' and others take notice of feir competence and hold fem in great regard. This truly is a story that shows yay chavlu' 'e' bajnlSlu', that victory must be earned, and that those who act with confidence and assurance will ultimately be the ones to achieve that victory. bI'IQchugh yIvang! Florentia is a strong character who isn't afraid to use feir fists if necessary, but who primarily shows dominance through feir intellect. Fe loves feir family and friends and has an appropriate level of disdain for feir jaghpu'. I enjoy seeing not only Florentia succeeding, but also the way that fe lifts up those around fem to do more than they may have thought they were capable of. We see this with the sculptor Alpheo, the medical apprentice Estira, and feir father Gallahan. It's also nice seeing feir jaghpu' getting overwhelmingly beaten. Kinda cathartic.

[Reviewed at chapter 40]

9/10 story
7/10 art
8/10 characters
9/10 overall
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