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My Hero Academia

Jun 14, 2021

Right off the bat, I should say that chapter 306 is titled "The Final Act Begins"...which--with my genius-level interpretive skills--I am interpreting to mean that the final act has begun and that the story has entered...its final act. I debated waiting to write this review until the manga fully came to its conclusion, but honestly I could see this arc lasting for quite a while and including a series of sub-boss battles in addition to what'll likely be a very lengthy climactic clash, so I decided to get my current thoughts out now on the majority of the series and then just updating it later with my thoughts on the final arc.

The first thing that needs to be mentioned is that the artwork is absolutely gorgeous. The character designs and costumes all look really cool. The basic proportions all look on point and it's easy to distinguish the main characters from each other. The fights look appropriately epic and intense, with the effects and facial expressions all working perfectly. There are some costume adjustments throughout the series, which help to show time progressing as well as just keeping things somewhat fresh. I very much appreciate how injuries will accumulate rather than just disappearing, like with the scars all over Midoriya's arms or Shigaraki's fingers.

The biggest flaw with the manga is probably related to it having wa~ay too many characters. Normally, it'll take many years or even decades for a manga to accumulate such a high number of characters, but this manga seemed to be aiming for this result right out the gate. In fact, at some point, the author started basing some of the side characters on fan submissions, because there are just so many named character slots that fe wanted to be filled. On the one hand, it does create the impression that there are actually a lot of people in this world and the manga does a decent job of providing at least brief backstories on many of the characters. But on the other hand, it makes it difficult to get attached to anybody and can make it difficult to remember why such-and-such character was someone that I was supposed to feel a connection toward.

There was a rather lengthy section in the middle of the manga where I was finding every plotline to be stale and badly put together (and would've rated the overall manga around 4/10), but I've actually come back around and have started getting riveted and engaged by the plotlines again. I still think the more recent stuff pales in comparison to the beginning, and I'm kinda pessimistic that the ending will be satisfying, but I'm much more interested in seeing what happens next than I was at one point. The school-related stuff (other than at the beginning) is some of the worst stuff. The school aspect should've just been dropped after, like, chapter 90 or so because honestly it starts feeling like the lessons and classes are just superfluous, and I think the only reason they continued coming back to that aspect is because of the manga's title. Just to be a bit more precise, here's a list of the various story arcs in the manga and how I would rate them:

  • Chapters 1-2, Initial Training [10/10]
  • Chapters 3-4, Entrance Exam [10/10]
  • Chapters 5-7, First Day Testing [8/10]
  • Chapters 8-11, Mock Battles [10/10]
  • Chapters 12-21, League of Villains [10/10]
  • Chapters 22-44, Sports Festival [9/10]
  • Chapters 45-57, Internships [6/10]
  • Chapters 58-67, Practical Exams [10/10]
  • Chapters 68-82, Training Camp [10/10]
  • Chapters 83-94, Saving Bakugo [7/10]
  • Chapters 95-99, New Dorms [6/10]
  • Chapters 100-102, Ultimate Moves [4/10]
  • Chapters 103-114, Provisional License Exam [3/10]
  • Chapters 115-121, Duel with Bakugo [6/10]
  • Chapters 122-161, Work Study [9/10]
  • Chapters 162-167, Remedial License Course [2/10]
  • Chapters 168-183, School Festival [1/10]
  • Chapters 184-192, Endeavor and Hawks [2/10]
  • Chapters 193-217, Joint Battle Training [2/10]
  • Chapters 218-240, League vs. Gigantomachia [5/10]
  • Chapters 241-252, Endeavor Work Study [1/10]
  • Chapters 253-257, About Kurogiri [2/10]
  • Chapters 258-296, Storming Enemy Bases [8/10]
  • Chapters 297-306, The Aftermath [8/10]
  • Chapters 307-present, The Final Arc [9/10]

[Reviewed at chapter 316]

6/10 story
10/10 art
8/10 characters
7/10 overall

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