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(You just know that eventually they'll have someone with twelve lines show up...)

This is a gag manga with a lot of magical fight scenes. The main character, Mash, has an apathetic demeanor and doesn't think about the consequences before fe acts. Fe is also one of the rare non-magic users in this world, has ridiculously powerful physical capabilities, and has an obsessive love of cream puffs. The reasons don't matter a huge amount, but fe has joined a magic academy with the goal of becoming the Divine Visionary, a title given to the top magic user at the school each year. Fe faces a bunch of elitist pricks and organizations. First we get a series of unrelated people who confront Mash: the examiner Claude (ch. 2-3), the bully Lloyd (ch. 4-6), and the siscon Lance (ch. 8-9). Then we get a series of encounters related to the group of students from Lang dorm calling themselves Magia Lupus: the wild-eyed Silva (ch. 10-15), the shark-man Olore (ch. 19-20), the masked Abyss (ch. 26-28), and the leader Abel (ch. 32-35). We get a brief introduction to Innocent Zero (the next organization Mash'll fight against) when fe faces off against Cell War (ch. 35-38), but the next section of fights are those from the Divine Visionary exam and those who stand in the way: Carpaccio (ch. 51-55) and Margarette (starting in ch. 57). Keep in mind that I'm only listing the notable fights that Mash is involved in; other fights do occur. There are quite a few self-righteous monologues and backstories, especially when the fights are wrapping up. Most of the fights end with Mash empathizing with feir opponent in some way, and with them likewise respecting fem in some way. Mash's friend group is almost entirely made up of people who had at one point fought against fem.

It's pretty stupid how there's a dueling system within the academy, and that the coins (needed to become Divine Visionary) are primarily gained by winning them during duels. It's also pretty stupid how each magic user seems to only use the specific kinds of magic that they personally specialize in. We already know that there are general forms of magic that everyone can learn, so it's strange that nobody uses these general spells in conjunction with their specialty magics. Obviously, this is just the author being lazy and wanting to simplify the power suites of the characters so the fight scenes don't get too bogged down in details.

The art is not very good. There are toothpick legs. Exaggerated hands. Simplistic faces. I might be being overly harsh, but I genuinely didn't find it impressive.

[Reviewed at chapter 57]

4/10 story
3/10 art
3/10 characters
4/10 overall
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