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This is quite generic and badly put together. It seems to be primarily relying on cuteness to try to be entertaining, which is often not a strong enough hook to make a story worthwhile. Abella has been transmigrated into the world of a manhua and is trying to avoid the bad ending, but there isn't much fe does on an intentional level to do so. It's all unconscious, which perhaps wouldn't be the biggest deal if other aspects of the story picked up the slack. The emperor fits into the trope space of a bloodthirsty tyrant who has a soft spot for feir cute daughter, but it isn't portrayed in a very interesting way. There is a reverse harem being built (currently with Leronne and Taminiel in it), but the story doesn't portray the relationships or even the motives and personalities of these guys very well. Seeing Abella finding Leronne attractive and seeing Taminiel getting protective of fem are somewhat shallow as far as romantic tensions go. The heroine from the original manhua, Lephaeia, seems to be scheming to make Abella look bad. And this aspect probably has the most potential to raise this story out from its mediocrity, but currently it still hasn't been explored very much and hasn't led to any really satisfying moments. The overarching problem with all of these aspects is probably the fact that things progress relatively quickly, without giving moments time to soak. One small example of this is how each chapter starts afresh, not continuing from the same scenes as the previous chapter, which can at times feel a bit clunky.

The chibi aesthetic, overlarge eyes, and shimmery glimmery coloring gets pretty annoying pretty quickly. They try to hide the simplistic nature of the drawings with colors and effects and stuff.

* * *

This review was originally written after chapter 11, which I later found out is the last chapter. It's been a minute since I read it, and it wasn't super memorable, but I don't believe it actually came to a conclusion. Checking...checking...yup, it definitely didn't come to anything even resembling a conclusion, which means this must've been canceled or dropped. 

2/10 story
3/10 art
3/10 characters
3/10 overall
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