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Demon Lord, Retry!

Jan 20, 2021

The most enjoyable aspect of this manga is when characters (such as Friedprawn, Yuu, and Tahara) will say something to the maou Kunai about feir intentions and Kunai will just go along with it, even without knowing what they're talking about, since fe doesn't want to look ignorant or out of the loop. In that sense, it reminded me of Overlord and Ecstas Online and maybe even Am I Actually the Strongest? It's a premise that allows for misunderstandings and miscommunications to occur. And as we all know, some of the best humor comes from characters misunderstanding each other, so there is potential for some good humor down the line. I don't think the story has actually capitalized on that humor very much as of yet, though. I say "as of yet" since there is a sequel that I assume picks up right where this story ended.

I am okay with Kunai as a character, mainly because fe allows for the humor mentioned above. I find Aku cute and I like the daughter-like vibes, especially once Yuu and Tahara enter the picture and notice Kunai's care for fem. I like Yuu and Tahara and the idea of building up a vibrant city from scratch. I also like Friedprawn Friedbutter and think feir political scheming and pragmatic-type nature could end up leading to some interesting developments down the line. But I don't really care for any of the three saintesses, or any of the members of the two adventurer parties, or Kunai's alter-ego "Zero," or Wotamega (of what little we've seen of fem so far). Several of these characters just seem to be there to be attracted to Kunai, and don't offer much else to the story.

5/10 story
7/10 art
6/10 characters
6/10 overall

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nathandouglasdavis Jun 2, 2022


Which part of my "reasoning" are you referencing when you say it's the "gayest" you've ever heard? And, yes, "fem" is a gender-neutral pronoun because it isn't ascribing any genders to the person being talked about. I assume that you're thinking that it isn't gender-neutral because (in non-pronoun contexts) the words "fem" and "femme" both have associations with femininity and women. But you'll just have to detach that association with femininity from those series of letters and accept the fact that this pronoun isn't making any statements about gender or femininity.

Maybe explaining the origin of these pronouns will help you shift the way you think about that particular word. I chose the word "fe" as the subject form in order to parallel the singular third-person pronouns people are most used to (he and she). But then for the object and possessive forms, I couldn't make that same type of parallel because the traditional masculine and feminine pronouns diverge from each other (i.e. "him" and "her" have different endings, as do "his" and "her"). So I made the decision to make those forms parallel the plural third person pronouns instead (they/them/their), which made it so the object form ended up being "fem" and the possessive form ended up being "feir." By pure coincidence, the object form had ended up being something which could be misconstrued as having gendered connotations--because it was a homophone for "femme" and "fem"--but that doesn't mean that these pronouns are actually ascribing any genders to the people being talked about.

masteranakin Jun 2, 2022

nathandouglasdavis that was some of the gayest reasoning I've ever heard on god and if "fem" Is genders neutral then strike me where I stand and call me a bag if dog food

nathandouglasdavis Feb 3, 2022


I am purposefully using non-standard words, though not in the sense that you're assuming. I'm replacing every gendered pronoun with a gender-neutral equivalent (so he/him/his and she/her/her would each become fe/fem/feir).

I'm sorry these words caused you so much confusion. I've adjusted some of the sentences so these non-standard pronouns no longer show up in such close proximity to each other (that way the surrounding context should help make the meanings clearer).

TumorsAreGood Feb 2, 2022

Are you replacing every 'th' word with an 'f 'on purpose? I was also trying to figure out who "fe" was for the longest time.