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Cute girls are like salt. A pinch here and there can bring out the flavors in a meal and make it taste extraordinary, but add too much and the entire dish is ruined and inedible. This manga is like biting into a salt rock--I ain't no deer! I don't need to lick no salt by itself! Give me a proper entree, salted appropriately of course, but with other flavors and textures to enjoy! There's nothing to this other than just showing off cute girls with animal ears and cosplay-like clothes. And whenever cuteness is the only thing going for it, I inevitably start scrutinizing that cuteness. I start noticing facial expressions being reused, similarities in character designs, and other failings such as the stiff skirts, pin-on tails, and ugly neck decorations. The shallowness and simplicity of the interactions and plotlines comes into sharp focus and I find myself unable to stomach this pathetic attempt at entertainment.

1/10 story
3/10 art
1/10 characters
1/10 overall

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