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Beast Children

Nov 26, 2020

I've seen a couple sports manga that do this type of thing, where they have the protagonist have a personality quirk which might be useless or even detrimental in everyday life, but which could lead to them excelling at the sport in question. The sport of this manga is rugby and the protagonist Sakura's character trait is myopic focus, losing track of everything except the singular thing fe's focused on. Fe even loses track of feir own body's condition during this focused state, which could allow fem to keep going despite injuries or exhaustion. The thing is, while this trait is brought up a few times, it's not really portrayed in a cool or inspiring way. Part of that might be that neither the training nor the two rugby matches we witness (chs. 6-8 and 14-22) are immersive or exciting, so this character trait also doesn't have a chance to shine. It felt like the author was mostly concerned with explaining the rules of the game, but even then, I think a better storyteller could've written the same games in such a way that it drew you in. Like, the moments when Sakura learns some new technique, which should be the emotional peaks, feel pretty lackluster and are over before you know it. Unfortunately, I also don't feel myself drawn to any of the characters. It's not that they're offputting or anything; it's just that they don't grab my heart and make me want to see more of them. And I found the constant referencing back to Onotora (an inspirational rugby player who had died) to get tired pretty quickly. I'd rather see these rugby players doing their own thing than have everything framed through the lens of what type of influence Onotora had on these players and how this team is basically Onotora's legacy.

It also loses a point for having a non-ending. I realize it was probably cut from the magazine and that the author probably did the best they could with that situation, but that doesn't make the non-ending good.

3/10 story
5/10 art
2/10 characters
3/10 overall
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