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They've got the problem of wig-hair and characters that don't stand out from other manga. The monsters are drawn pretty cute though, and the best part of the manga involves the monsters swarming around Hiroki as fe casually evades them. Thematically, the manga deals with warped stat allocation. It shows the prejudice that can come from people allocating their stats in ways which aren't traditionally ideal for their class; it's seen as wasting stat points. It also shows how adventuring parties can make the strengths of someone's warped stats shine while covering for their weaknesses by adapting and being willing to change the traditional strategies. I'm specifically thinking of Lucia. Feir original party treated fem like trash, but fe was able to contribute when fe joined a party that was willing to think of ways they could make use of fem. Technically, Hiroki also has mis-allocated stats (at least in the sense of people perceiving feir stats that way), but fe's actually more of an over-powered character with strength both in Healing and in Evasion.

Currently, this manga leans a bit more on the positive side of the scale. Part of that might be that I have a soft spot for isekai. But part of it is that I've found it enjoyable watching Hiroki dancing around the swarming monsters and seeming to have fun. It's silly, and brings a smile to my face. I also appreciate how the manga attempts to get into tactics for adventuring parties, and I hope it continues to explore that. But I do see some signs that it may start leaning more negative at some point: the adventuring itself isn't very novel; there is foreshadowing that Hiroki will learn more spells and become even more overpowered, which isn't very interesting; the political dynamics feel unoriginal; and several of the characters already feel bland, so it could easily start feeling shallow.

[Reviewed at chapter 11]

6/10 story
6/10 art
4/10 characters
6/10 overall

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nathandouglasdavis Jun 30, 2020

TakashiNatsume, I wouldn't actively recommend this manga, no. But that's not saying much. The reason my reviews consist of more than "Enjoyed it, but wouldn't recommend" is so that you can have a sense of what my experience was like and what stood out to me, and then you can use that information as you will.

Ponyo18 Jun 30, 2020

So, would you recommend this or no?