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Chapter Summaries

1: Gill the gunslinger has only killed in self-defense, but feir bounty keeps on growing which forces fem to continue to kill the bounty hunters who come after fem (of course, in self-defense). Fe's haunted by the ghost of someone fe killed, who will only dissipate if fe is able to accept feir loss or if Gill gets killed.

2: Bran the pickpocket doesn't seem to bring any value to the world, so God decides to kill fem by writing feir name in what amounts to a death note, but God mistakenly wrote in a typo and now a department store is fated to be destroyed by a meteorite. Bran is asked to help.

3: Gukou the monk isn't actually adept at exterminating monsters, so when a village asks fem to help out with a cannibal terrorizing their woods fe considers running away instead. There's also a guardian deity Gukou runs into in the local temple while on feir quest to find feir master.

4: Ryuma the samurai arrives at a town where Shirano is held up as a local hero and excellent swordsman who previously survived a dragon attack from several years ago. A dragon horn is blown and summons a dragon to the town.

5: Luffy the pirate encounters a bad pirate in the process of capturing the last living roc, named Balloon. And after seeing this pirate's cruelty against Balloon's best friend Anne, fe decides to help fem fight back.

General Notes

The art has several good images and the fight sequencing is often appealing, but there are enough shoddy and simplistic drawings that I think the score I gave it is deserved.

The best chapters are the ones about Bran and about Ryuma. They both have interesting and self-contained plotlines and don't feel as shallow as some of the others. The story involving Luffy is the second incarnation of "Romance Dawn," the prototype for One Piece. Like the first version, this one also includes the idea of Peace Mains and Morganeers as distinct types of pirates (i.e. good pirates and bad pirates), which was a bad idea.

5/10 story
3/10 art
4/10 characters
4/10 overall
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