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Kyuusen no Shima

Apr 29, 2020

The manga is built upon uncovering the purpose and inner workings of the cult that is controlling this island--with their creepy, sexual shadow ritual and their topless, ox-headed enforcer who kills those who violate their rules. The main character is Yuuma, who is thrust into the position of being the next head of the Nuenaki household, which is at the center of this cult. Fe is the one trying to uncover these mysteries. What are they hiding? What's in the sacred ground? Why are they topless? At first, I was definitely engaged by the mysteries and was looking forward to seeing how they'd be answered.

But by chapter seven, all the mysteries are explained and the answers are...not very well thought out. Though to be fair, there is a justifiable reason to keep people from going in to the sacred ground and it's honestly a serious enough thing that they may have even been justified in their killing of the violators. But! that's where the sensible explanations stop. They try to claim that Yuuma being a male heir and being able to inseminate many partners will somehow allow them to consume the threat. How? How does that make sense? How does having many offspring increase the ability to consume the threat? Is each person only able to consume a set amount? And if the Kanjiki is about consuming, then how does this tie into the ritual involving sex (because it does)? Is the act of consuming actually the act of sex? Because if so, how on earth does sex get rid of the threat?

On top of that, the ending drama with the crazy lady is a very disappointing and stupid piece of storytelling. Even with the plotholes and weird and out-of-place obsession with breasts, I was still largely entertained by the story up to that point. But that final plotline brought this manga down into the realm of unenjoyability for me. As for the artwork, if you enjoy nudity and pseudo-nudity (where even clothed, their female form is unnaturally on display), then you may enjoy it. But for me, such extraneous sexualization was actually a point against it and made it obvious that the author was more concerned with putting as much ecchiness into the story as possible than with telling an actually well thought out story.

2/10 story
4/10 art
2/10 characters
2/10 overall
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