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With the main couple, we are subjected to constant lack of communication--to both Yoshida and Futaba hiding feelings and making assumptions. This can get pretty tiresome. Yoshida is a pathetic, insecure man. Rather than conversations, he thinks that relationships are built on reading the situation and assertiveness, and feels that he's not doing a good enough job of taking the lead. He sees their relationship as a power struggle, with Futaba being an opponent he has to outmaneuver. As for Futaba, she feels entitled to having their sexual relationship include the type of play that she wants. There's no effort put in to try to find sex acts which both parties could find pleasant and comfortable. No, since she wants to penetrate him, he should feel obligated to allow her to penetrate him. Sex becomes an obligation. She even touts the self-centered notion that he should "take responsibility" for her erection by getting her off, trying to pressure and manipulate him into doing something he doesn't fully consent to.

About half the manga covers tangential stories, usually involving side characters. We get the story arc of the androphobic Ai who wants Futaba as a girlfriend, the fujoshi who stalks Futaba to get proof that she has a penis, and the lolicon Kenji who has a thirty-year-old loli girlfriend.

4/10 story
8/10 art
4/10 characters
5/10 overall
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