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Are You Lost?

Jan 14, 2020

This is basically The Breakfast Club except, you know...completely different. There's a Jock, a Nerd, a Preppie, and a...Survivalist who all become friends after circumstances force them together. It touches on the idea that if their plane had never crashed and, consequently, they had never been stranded on a deserted island, then these four girls wouldn't have ever associated with each other, since their social circles and interests differ. But honestly, that aspect of the manga is by no means a point of emphasis. The manga primarily functions as a Survival Manual set to a narrative. It's educational, offering guides on how to do various necessary tasks (like building shelter, sterilizing water, tying knots, etc.) and what types of things to watch out for if you ever need to live off the land, often presented as Homare the Survivalist teaching the other girls the skill in question. Many chapters involve the quest for food, and as they get more settled in, they're even able to try cooking dishes.

The characters are almost entirely cute girls (barring Soji, who shows up infrequently). And I think this was done for a few reasons. First, cute girls are cute. Every story can be made better by having cute girls in it. Second, having all the characters be girls allows them to strip to their underwear and even bare skin with little to no shame. In other words, it allows for ecchi scenes. And finally, having cuties engaging in the grossities necessary for survival is funnier than having a gruff person doing those same activities. It has to do with shattering the purity of their cuteness. They've had to drink pee and saliva; eat insects, hermit crabs, and other things; stick their tongue in someone's butt to give them an enema; poop on someone's hand so it can be lobbed in the water to distract some sharks; and probably other stuff that I'm forgetting.

It's really cute how Homare will get excited about the strangest things. And how she gives in to the unreasonable requests of Shion and others, for things which are more luxuries than necessities. But she does it because she's a great person. And later in the manga, because they've become her friends. She's even willing to put herself in danger to help them out, going against her father's teachings of always prioritizing her safety above all else. Oh yea, I forgot to mention that Homare's father has an unlucky streak and both of them have ended up in similiar survival situations multiple times as she was growing up. He taught her the skills necessary for surviving in any type of harsh environment with minimal resources, and we'll see short flashbacks to her childhood periodically.

The past ten or so chapters seem to have just been treading water, but it could be that I just read too many chapters in a row. This may be the type of manga where it's best to only read a couple chapters at a time rather than binging. Though chapters 73 and 74 made me excited for the girls' newest project, currently in its beginning stages.

[Reviewed at chapter 74]

8/10 story
9/10 art
10/10 characters
9/10 overall

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