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Jan 9, 2020

This just feels horribly generic. The protagonist is given a somewhat tragic backstory which gave him special abilities (in this case, cyborgial arms). There's an evil organization that is constantly trying to destroy him and he has to watch out for. There's an old man mentor-type and a girl that he chooses to help out even at the risk of his own safety. He gets into a fight and struggles at first, but through willpower and whatever comes out victorious. None of the characters stuck out as interesting and the heist-ish plot just seemed like a vehicle to get to the fight scene. The art is good, but even so, doesn't make this manga worth reading. I considered rating it lower, but I don't think that'd be fair since I didn't actively get annoyed or frustrated with it. It's just so....meh.

1/10 story
8/10 art
1/10 characters
3/10 overall
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