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This is a story about Anjou, a stylish girl who's very unabashed about sexual topics, and Seto, a "diligent" and self-effacing boy. Anjou constantly teases Seto by saying provocative things and suggesting that they sex it up and then retracting it by saying "Just kidding." And fe doesn't seem embarrassed about showing feir skin--feir cleavage, the nape of feir neck, feir armpits, feir stomach. This attitude of feirs along with Seto's own low self-esteem makes Seto believe that there's no way Anjou could actually be interested in fem, even though fe's basically confessed to fem multiple times (most blatantly in chapters 13 and 22). Once fe learns that feir ears are an erogenous zone, fe makes the most of that information and rubs them just to watch fem squeal.

After chapter 26, it feels like the story just regressed. By that point, they've already gone on a date, Anjou's already confessed that Seto is precious to fem and that fe's trying to seduce fem and gain feir interest, and Seto's already seen feir emotionally vulnerable side. And yet, rather than having their relationship continue to deepen, it just reverts back to the shallow teasing and flirting they were doing before. This is just barely acceptable because of how pathetic and self-hating Seto is portrayed to be. At this point, we also get a larger emphasis on their friends--Inuyama, Toyoda, and Chita.

[Reviewed at chapter 50]

4/10 story
9/10 art
6/10 characters
6/10 overall

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