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"Is this a good manga?"

Fran: "Nh."

Fran, a Black Cat beastkin, had been enslaved for several years until circumstances led to fem meeting a talking sword sticking out of the ground in the woods and being freed from feir shackles. Fe names the sword "Master." This sword has the reincarnated soul of a human from our world inside of it, but honestly the story could have progressed exactly the same if it was just a mysterious talking sword (the reincarnation detail is pointless). Anyway, Master respects Fran's goal of wanting to get stronger and evolve and wants to help fem achieve it. You see, most beastkin tribes are able to evolve to a higher form when they reach a certain power level, but there are no instances of Black Cat beastkin evolving. Fran wants to evolve in order to show that feir tribe isn't inferior and to instill hope in all of the oppressed Black Cat beastkin in the world.

After the initial introductory chapters and Fran getting settled in to the adventurer guild and stuff, the story seems to have reached a comfortable pattern. Fran (and others) will enter into a dungeon and will initially breeze through it, but then an unexpectedly high level monster/threat will appear and Fran will have an epic confrontation. Each dungeon has a general theme to the types of monsters inside it. So far, there's a goblin dungeon (chs. 8-15), a spider dungeon (chs. 16-27), and an undead dungeon (chs. 28-present).

[Reviewed at chapter 33]

8/10 story
8/10 art
8/10 characters
8/10 overall

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