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Sep 13, 2019

The story is beautifully written. Satoru jumps back in time twenty years to feir childhood and uses this as an opportunity to try to prevent the kidnapping and murder of one of feir classmates, Kayo. Fe must try to find and foil the plans of a very clever culprit who hides in the shadows. We see Satoru's character grow and develop even as fe returns to feir childhood. Fe has trace sociopathic elements, but these are overshadowed by feir innate desire to be a superhero fighting for justice. Fe has a quirk of spouting out whatever fe's thinking, which creates many lighthearted moments. Feir mother, Sachiko, is very insightful and righteous, and acts as a stable rock for Satoru throughout feir journey. Their relationship is probably one of the most touching parts of the story--showing both the annoyance children can have toward their parents, but also the deep love and affection.

For the story, everything up through chapter 32, I would rate as a 10/10. For the last thirteen chapters, I would rate it as a 2/10. The current ending involved changing the culprit's modus operandi to something which didn't match feir previous characterization. There were definitely better ways they could've resolved the story, but even though the ending left a bad taste in my mouth, I would still recommend this manga as being one worth reading.

8/10 story
4/10 art
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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