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In chapter 18, Kyosai hears about the Demon World and he ponders whether or not a Demon King could exist. The thing is, though, that he shouldn't have any reason to ponder since when he was first summoned to that world the king told him that they were summoned to help defeat the Demon King. It's ironic because it seems like even the author has forgotten what happened earlier in the story and the biggest problem with this manga is how forgettable it is. When I come back to it to read a new chapter after being away for a month or two, I've completely forgotten how it started. How did he get stronger? How did he meet all his companions? What are the names of...pretty much everybody? Literally all the important details about the world and story just wash over me, but none of those things matter too much 'cause the main draw of this manga is its sexuality. There are constant panty shots, exentuated breasts, and a plotline seemingly revolving around building a nude harem. Probably the only memorable moment of the manga is when Kyosai came (and those who've read it will know why).

[Reviewed at chapter 18]

3/10 story
4/10 art
2/10 characters
3/10 overall
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