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In the original video game plotline--Rururi has been reincarnated into a video game--his character was nothing more than a minor character. It's entertaining seeing how he flips the script and strengthens his own position, both socially and personally, ultimately turning himself into the center of a social circle. My major complaint would be that beneficial situations seem to fall into his lap--which directly contradicts the initial premise that he is but a side character in the plotline of the universe. He has plot armor. He does put in effort and actively works on improving his life, but even still, success seems just a heartbeat away. He easily develops relationships with those around him; all the major characters from the original video game seem to now revolve around him. Many of his actions are ultimately motivated by self-preservation and seeking to secure his own financial stability, but he is also portrayed as somebody who can't sit still, so some of his actions seem motivated by pure antsiness. Storywise, this is portrayed by having multiple subplots weaving around each other in each chapter. Rururi must always have multiple projects going on at once.

His relationship with Eliza is adorable, and makes me smile.

His carrot-y conjurations serve well as a creepy garnish to the story.

[Reviewed at chapter 18]

7/10 story
4/10 art
6/10 characters
6/10 overall

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