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Lila is Zinovy's pet. If you wanted an explanation for how Lila went from being in a normal high school to being the property of a beastman, you will not get it (at least not at this point of the story). Just think of Lila as a cat. It's cute seeing Lila swipe at her owner like a cat does whenever it's being held against its will. It's cute seeing her cuddle up with Mr. Saitou similarly to how some pets will just be drawn to some people, even when it's their first time meeting them. And like a cat, Lila remains silent most of the time. Even though she probably should have learned some basic words after a week or two, she has shown no signs of learning the beast language. In fact, she doesn't even try to parrot Zinovy's speech, which would clearly indicate to him that she has interest in their language. It comes across as the author wanting her to remain speechless so her role as a pet isn't ruined, because as soon as she learns the beast language she's no longer a pet but a slave, and that's a lot less cute.

Zinovy is supposed to evoke pet owners who are excited about their cute new pet, but its taken to an unrealistic extreme. His mind is so filled with his pet that he can't think of anything else and he can't even concentrate on work or other people. At first, this exaggeration is slightly funny, but it quickly becomes one-dimensional. Thinking about it, Zinovy has no substantial character traits beyond his excessive adoration for his pet. He is extremely shallow.

This manga isn't trying to be a deep story or have complex characters. It's trying to make parallels between pet/owner relationships in our world and a human as a pet with a beastman as the owner in this other world. It's trying to evoke a sense of dissonance and irony from Lila being treated like a cat and, perhaps subconsciously, responding like a cat. It's supposed to be cute. And honestly, this shallow type of setup could have worked better for me if the art was cuter. But the art isn't cute, and with this story, that becomes a huge detriment.

[Reviewed at chapter 13]

2/10 story
2/10 art
1/10 characters
2/10 overall
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