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Abyss Azure no Zainin

Jan 16, 2022

Me, pre-reading: La-dee-dah, la-dee-day. Let's try this manga today.

Me, at panel 1: Oh. My. God. Gorgeous. Immediate crush. I want to see everything this girl does. 

Me, at the end of chapter 1: Okay, so this looks like it'll be a wholesome, slice-of-life episodic type of manga where we'll see interactions with sea creatures and merfolk culture and stuff. Very lowkey, I'm sure. I guess I can get behind that. The artwork is very well done and I think author put genuine thought into the architecture and lifestyle of the merfolk. It is a bit disappointing though, 'cause those types of manga tend to be more dull, but I'm sure my crushing on the main character will make it enjoyable for me, even if it is slow-paced. Also, some of the backgrounds feel a bit empty. If I'm going to be enjoying the beauty of the world, I'd rather there was as much beauty in each panel as possible.

Me, during chapter 3: Wha~at!? Is this actually going to turn into a legitimate story? With actual plot and character struggles and stuff? I was genuinely not expecting this. I'm not sure if I really care for Riu as a character, but if it helps drive the plot then I'm all for it.

Me, after chapter 6: Oh, fucking shit. No fucking way. This is such a great development. How is it that every three chapters, this manga goes through some sort of shift and makes itself into an even stronger and more engaging story.

Me, during chapter 7: Hmm. I mean, I'm still all for this and I like the adorability and sweetness. But I feel like I need to harden my heart for the wrenching and love triangle drama which this manga will inevitably throw my way. Jo's going to tear a hole in my heart. I know it.

Me, during chapter 9: Hahaha, fight scene! Yes! Ah, this is intense. This manga is riveting. It has everything. What a great antagonist. I thought Akyla was pretty neat earlier in feir own way, but Maya is just straight up frightening.

Me, after chapter 10: Well, we are straight up on an adventure now. And I am fully along for the ride and looking forward to what comes next.

[Reviewed at chapter 10]

8/10 story
10/10 art
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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