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The biggest problem with this manga has been its pacing. The progression of events is too fast and doesn't give us enough time to become familiar with the situations and characters. And I know that a large part of that is that this it's a comedy, not a drama, so it's just trying to get from one punchline (as it were) to the next as quickly as possible. The humor comes from the main character trying to lead the nation to ruin, but accidentally leading them to greater and greater successes instead. In a sense, it's sorta akin to the bumbling detective archetype (e.g. The Pink Panther, Johnny English, etc.), where the main character is doing something which should fail but which ends up succeeding in some sort of convoluted way. It's not quite the same, since our protagonist is a literal genius and can break out some genius-level schemes when fe wants to, but it's a similar idea. This story also heavily relies on the subordinates overestimating the main character's intentions, adding an extra level of irony. Plot armor is definitely strong in this type of story, but it's seen as a feature and not a bug (because it's what leads to the humor).

The second biggest problem is probably its shallow, manga-esque portrayal of human relationships. It's more concerned with having easy-to-hate villains than actually interesting antagonists. It's more concerned with having cute girls checking the boxes of various cute girl tropes than in having actually interesting subordinates or love interests. Even the main character is woefully one-dimensional, because fe's literally just a joke. Fe exists in order to create jokes and funny moments. Even the "genius" aspect of the main character is just a silly exaggeration.

[Reviewed at chapter 31]

4/10 story
6/10 art
2/10 characters
4/10 overall
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