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One Piece episode A

Dec 27, 2021

This four-chapter spinoff series is primarily structured around Ace's 100 fights against Whitebeard and feir journey to acknowledging Whitebeard as a father figure. The only part that isn't just an expansion of flashbacks and stuff in the main series is the sequence when Ace and Deuce first met on that "antlion" island. There's a lot of comedic banter and several epic fight scenes between Ace and Whitebeard. Boichi is good at drawing action scenes and is alright at drawing comedic chibis, but all of the girls look like sex dolls.

I'm not sure if I care for the way that Blackbeard is portrayed as just straight-up useless in the fight. It feels like a weakening of feir character from the main series. I also don't care for the Gol D. Roger face in the cloud looking down on them. It should also be noted that there is some over-emoting and the emphasis trust and friendship and conscientious integrity and stuff is a bit much. 

3/10 story
10/10 art
4/10 characters
4/10 overall
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