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As a nudist, I've experienced being in social situations with fully nude people without the nudity being sexualized and without people going around objectifying each others' bodies. Perhaps that's why when I see a series like this--that implies that the objectification of your hot coworkers is an inevitability even if you're a "nice guy"--I get kinda frustrated. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm fine with fan service and eye candy within a manga, but honestly this manga doesn't even provide that. The artwork is crap. Rather than being fan service, this manga feels more like an outlet for people who objectify their coworkers to feel justified in that behavior. Perhaps some readers also see themselves in the polite, restrained protagonist and are able to live vicariously through fem, feeling satisfaction that fe gets together with the girl fe had been objectifying in the end. Though I guess I shouldn't psychoanalyze the readers who enjoy this too much (since that's kinda insulting), so I'll just say that I don't enjoy it and other people might enjoy it.

I would've liked to see the section chief facing termination or some other actual consequences for feir obviously inappropriate comments and general demeanor. Instead, a hostile work environment is portrayed within this manga as something you just have to live with. If anything, it's portrayed as the responsibility of individual workers to stand up for themselves and be strong in the face of shitty bosses or coworkers (as opposed to it being the responsibility of the company as a whole or even the government to protect individual workers from having to bear such situations). Though, speaking of the chief, I did think feir mind-reading ability was a neat addition, though it didn't make me want to see fem actually held accountable any less.

Among other problems, the artwork has flat faces, simplistic eyes, generic emoting, bad proportions, minimal details in the backgrounds, weird curvature to the faces from certain angles, and unsexy ecchiness (which is only a problem considering that one of the central purposes of the manga is clearly supposed to be the ecchiness).

[Reviewed at chapter 122]

1/10 story
1/10 art
1/10 characters
1/10 overall

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