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Read this for the humor.

The personality of the main character, Issei, is what creates all of the funny moments. Issei is filled with integrity and honor in feir goal of seeing panties. Fe accepts this desire within femself and refuses to be ashamed about it or try to hide it from others. In fact, fe goes out of feir way to be pure and straightforward when telling the various girls that fe wants to see their panties. Issei's main flaw is that fe struggles to understand the thought processes and emotions of others, and why they are bothered by feir actions. Each storyline consists of Issei's attempts to woo and convince a specific girl to show fem feir panties: Chitose the maid (ch 1), Niko the classmate (ch. 2-4), Shiori the bookstore clerk (ch. 5-8), Anubis the god of the underworld (ch. 9-13), and Iori the shrine maiden (ch. 14-21). The final chapter of each storyline includes the climactic pantie-showing scene and then the girls get accumulated into a harem of sorts (though Issei isn't interested in any of them once fe's seen their panties). Oh, there's also a lot of humor stemming from the fact that Issei is absurdly intelligent, wealthy, and talented at everything fe attempts. And when I say "absurdly," I truly mean it. It is absurd. And funny.

My favorite storylines have probably been Niko and Shiori's. They both did a good job of creating a solid (almost romantic) mood and then shattering it. The other storylines didn't do quite as good of a job at that. Also, the Anubis and Iori storylines felt a bit dragged out, like they maybe included some tangential aspects to them.

[Reviewed at chapter 21]

5/10 story
4/10 art
4/10 characters
5/10 overall
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