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Genshin Impact 4-koma

Dec 5, 2021

Do I know the characters? No. Have I played the video game? No. Am I missing some inside jokes that players of the game would be able to appreciate? Probably to some degree, but I think I picked up on most of it. Most of the jokes are poking fun at quirky things true of RPGs in general--like the way the player-character will invade peoples' privacy or ignore time sensitive main quests for pointless meandering. The silence of the player-character also feels especially absurd in manga format like this. There are also several jokes aimed at showing the guide-girl in a beefy gorilla-like form, which is humorous because it juxtaposes the cute with the uncute within a single person. 

Shimmer-glimmer artwork with a lot of cute girls and chibi forms. Because of the way the outlines are done and how glossy it is, it gives the impression of a magnet stuck onto backdrops. Also, sorta made me think of Paper Mario. Within these 16 or so pages, there are several memeworthy images. There are a few instances where they'll have the same character in chibi form portrayed multiple times within the same panel, which I think helped mirror the vibe of the type of meandering movement that can occur within a video game.

[Reviewed at chapter 16]

1/10 story
9/10 art
2/10 characters
2/10 overall

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nathandouglasdavis Apr 11, 2022

Flyuyy, I agree. The reason I started my review by pointing out that I am not a player was to inform readers that I am missing information that could potentially alter the reading experience.

Flyuyy Apr 11, 2022

If you were a player, you would understand where all those are from.