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bdude9861 Apr 27, 2023

I was trying to find the original review of yours that I commented on but somehow have failed to do so.  I believe we were having a discussion about your use of gender neutral pronouns  in your review of "Don't toy with me Miss Nagatoro" and I think that I was pointing out that by using gender neutral pronouns for characters with distinct gender identities you were effectively removing a piece of who they were.  This comment here is your explanation and I understand and appreciate it.

Aside from the original discussion, I really appreciated your opinions, comments, views and predictions for the future of pronouns.  I myself work professionally for an LGBTQ rights organization and am surrounded by people with varying identities and pronouns that many today are unused to.  I appreciate your defense of different pronouns as well as your explanation that you used them in a review as part of an attempt to expose more people to them.  I also am facinated and surprised to find someone with such progressive views on a manga review site of all places.  I am a lover of masterful narratives and would love to exhchange recommendations for mangas.  Also I would enjoy discussing pronouns and manga with you more.  If you see this comment please feel to reach out to me at [email protected].  I would very much appreciate corresponding and sharing more manga and ideas with you in the future.

WonderofU129 Sep 17, 2021

Thanks for tour reviews man I have been really busy these days and don't have Time to check manga out myself your reviews have been saving a lot of my time keep up your work 

unclesfriendsgrandpa Aug 27, 2021

i did not expect u to reply but thank u bro

arnexks Jul 16, 2021

You made a nice indepth review of Meguro-san. You did it with such proffesionalism, that I thought "maybe this is, this persons actual job" ;D. Jokes aside a good review is what I love. So I come bearing respect. Good job.