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ArtistMugi Jul 25, 2023

I cannot access my old comments, I am unsure as to why. Perhaps they were removed, or something? 

I am running purely on my shoddy memory, so please feel free to provide my original comments if you have them!

However, I am not advocating for the disuse of gender neutral pronouns. 

I believe you used a more recently created nongendered pronoun? It was fey? I cannot remember, and I looked it up, but the spelling may be off. 

However, I think it appropriate to use the characters' preferred pronouns in any case. While gender neutral is acceptable, it typically can confuse the average reader (although I believe you are doing it to introduce the lesser known pronouns, which is good activism!).

I believe that the most "normal" or widely used pronoun set is the Assigned at Birth + they/them, but I can now see it reasonable for they/them to be substituted for more types of nongendered pronouns.

There's often two radically different sides to my mental gymnastics, and sometimes one will be more vocal than the other.

Personally, I hate it when things are redundant, as I have a personal disliking of the unknown (due to me being often times singled out over my life for not knowing specifics about how society or others function, or me misinterpreting what others see as a normal behavior).

As such, I go for the simplest thing that my brain can rationalize: 

If it's not specified, use they.

If it is specified, but they have not expressed any disliking to it, use they/them or their more accurate pronouns

If it is specified, and they have shown an expressed disliking to they/them, then use only their specified pronouns.

Now, in hindsight, I do see that yours is well within my simple mental gymnastics, and I do not really understand what my past self was doing.

It is mostly a struggle within the self of true accuracy and ambiguity. 

I prefer the most accurate statement I can make about a character's gender. I will use their provided pronouns almost always (unless I misremember, which did happen in one case like the brainlet I am). 

I apologize if I was rude in my prior comments, and am reflecting on what I may have said.

bdude9861 Apr 27, 2023

I was trying to find the original review of yours that I commented on but somehow have failed to do so.  I believe we were having a discussion about your use of gender neutral pronouns  in your review of "Don't toy with me Miss Nagatoro" and I think that I was pointing out that by using gender neutral pronouns for characters with distinct gender identities you were effectively removing a piece of who they were.  This comment here is your explanation and I understand and appreciate it.

Aside from the original discussion, I really appreciated your opinions, comments, views and predictions for the future of pronouns.  I myself work professionally for an LGBTQ rights organization and am surrounded by people with varying identities and pronouns that many today are unused to.  I appreciate your defense of different pronouns as well as your explanation that you used them in a review as part of an attempt to expose more people to them.  I also am facinated and surprised to find someone with such progressive views on a manga review site of all places.  I am a lover of masterful narratives and would love to exhchange recommendations for mangas.  Also I would enjoy discussing pronouns and manga with you more.  If you see this comment please feel to reach out to me at [email protected].  I would very much appreciate corresponding and sharing more manga and ideas with you in the future.

WonderofU129 Sep 17, 2021

Thanks for tour reviews man I have been really busy these days and don't have Time to check manga out myself your reviews have been saving a lot of my time keep up your work 

unclesfriendsgrandpa Aug 27, 2021

i did not expect u to reply but thank u bro