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Ax4L Jan 23, 2021

He wasn't the only one who monopolised it tho, for example the two horned people also knew about the core of the snake and then there was that sword which the MC gets after his two friends tell him of it (not his brother, his brother only mentions the stuff the brother himself had gone and done and seeing as how his brother was pretty high in the tower he told him quite a bit, isnt that how RPGs are when you enter a new game you never played unless tells you where the good loot is your never gonna find it i feel as tho the author was going for a similar feel) also the guy who was killing people to get a ston the only reason he knew about the stone was because someone told him about it. The artifacts the MC gets were strong for the beginning of the tower as you see on the latest chapter he almost dies fighting someone even after aquiring all those artifacts and learning martial arts. Also, the kardashians dont have anything to do with this you cant look at something finctional with the same mindset as you look at something non-fiction.